What is the closest Sherwin Williams color to Swiss Coffee? But to answer your question, the closest SW colors to BenM’s Swiss Coffee is Shell White SW 8917, Alabaster SW 7008, and Marshmallow SW 7001.

What is the Sherwin Williams equivalent to Behr Swiss Coffee? Sherwin Williams Alabaster vs Behr Swiss Coffee

As you can tell, these two paint colors are very similar.

Does Swiss Coffee paint look yellow? Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore is much less yellow than many other whites on the market. However, like all off-whites, it does have some yellow undertones. It’s those yellow undertones that make a white off-white, after all! But as a result, it can read as slightly yellow or gold in certain situations.

Does Swiss Coffee look gray? Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee has slight gray, yellow, and green undertones. This makes it appear warm and inviting. However, it can also make it appear too yellow or slightly green in some lighting situations.


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What is the closest Sherwin Williams color to Swiss Coffee? – Additional Questions

What color goes well with Swiss Coffee?

Browns, tans and terra cotta earth tones look best with Swiss Coffee. I also love how deep charcoal grays and dark navy blues look with this creamy white paint color. Swiss Coffee is a great paint color choice for kitchen cabinets.

Is Swiss Coffee too white?

Swiss Coffee is not a legit white paint colour, due in part to its undertones and LRV, both of which we’ll get into below. Swiss Coffee is actually a considerably SOFT white paint colour.

Does Swiss Coffee go with agreeable gray?

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee – a soft and creamy warm white (we used this throughout our basement renovation and you can see it paired beautifully with Agreeable Gray in these photos!)

What is the difference between white dove and Swiss Coffee?

Swiss Coffee and White Dove are very similar colors with subtle differences. They are both members of Benjamin Moore’s off-white collection. Swiss Coffee is creamier and slightly warmer with stronger yellow and grey undertones. White Dove is slightly brighter with a LRV of 85.38 compared to Swiss Coffee’s LRV of 83.93.

Are all Swiss Coffee paint colors the same?

They’re different colors. Noticeable difference when you compare the two visually and from a data perspective.

What color is Valspar Swiss Coffee?

The hexadecimal color code #f8f5e2 is a very light shade of yellow. In the RGB color model #f8f5e2 is comprised of 97.25% red, 96.08% green and 88.63% blue. In the HSL color space #f8f5e2 has a hue of 52° (degrees), 61% saturation and 93% lightness.

What color is Swiss coffee?

Swiss Coffee is a paint color with a little touch of yellow and ever-so-slightly green undertones.

Who makes Swiss coffee colors?

Swiss Coffee OC-45 | Benjamin Moore.

Is Valspar Swiss coffee the same as Behr Swiss coffee?

The second color (depicted on the right side) is named Swiss Coffee and also has a refference code 1012 assigned to it. The later color belongs to Behr paint chart maintained by Behr respectively.

How long does it take for spray paint to fully dry?

Swiss Coffee (7002-16) vs Swiss Coffee (1012)

HEX Code: #F2F0EA
RGB Float: 0.949, 0.941, 0.918
CMYK Percentage: 0, 1, 3, 5

Is Alabaster and Swiss Coffee the same color?

The biggest difference between these two paint colors is Swiss Coffee has a bit more of a yellow undertone than Alabaster, which is a bit more brown/beige/greige.

Is Behr Swiss Coffee too white?

Swiss Coffee by Behr: Swiss coffee is a creamy white with a bit of a yellow undertone. If you’re looking for a warm white, this is a great option.

Is Behr Swiss Coffee a warm white?

What color is whiter than Swiss Coffee?

White Dove. White Dove is also a bit WHITER and BRIGHTER than Swiss Coffee, making it a bit more flexible.

What is the Behr equivalent of Sherwin Williams pure white?

Sherwin Williams Pure white (SW 7005) vs Behr Ultra Pure White (1850) side by side comparison.

What goes well with Behr Swiss Coffee?

So, Behr Swiss Coffee can be best paired with browns, warm grays, steely blues, darker sage greens, bronze, dark gray, and black.

Are Behr and Benjamin Moore the same?

Behr is sold exclusively at Home Depot and is marketed as premium paint for DIYers, while Benjamin Moore is a go-to brand for professional painters.

What color Is SW Alabaster?

Alabaster is a soft, WARM white with MORE undertone than some of the more simple, cleaner whites (ie: SW High Reflective White). This warmth comes across as soft and creamy vs abrasive and yellow, meaning it’s not even close to the 3 whites that I would never paint my trim or cabinets.

What is cottage white color?

Cottage White (1813) from Behr is soft and creamy with just a hint of yellow, casting a warm glow over the space. It’s particularly lovely in a bedroom, where its soft undertones bring out the beauty of classic white linens.

What color is poplar white?

Poplar Wood
Color White to light cream and brown, sometimes with mineral stains
Source Tuliptree (Liriodendron tulipifera L.)
Density 540 lbf (2,400 N) on the Janka scale
Cost $3.20-4.85 per board foot
Common Uses Toys, carvings, plywood, crates, pallets, furniture frames
How do you prep new baseboards for painting?

What is antique white color?

Antique White is a light, gray, caramel white with a bronze undertone. It is a perfect paint color for an elegant statement in any room. Pair it with gray or beige to create an elegant historical statement in any room.

What colors make Navajo white?

Navajo White is an orangish white color, or pastel yellow orange, and derives its name from its similarity to the background color of the Navajo Nation flag. The name “Navajo White” is usually only used when referring to paint. Despite its name, the color is not a shade of white, but rather of yellow or of orange.

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