What is the best type of siding to put on a house? Durable and solid, fiber cement siding is an excellent exterior siding option for those who are looking for something that will last at least 30 years. Fiber cement siding is especially good for homeowners who live in an intense climate, because it can stand up to harsh weather, including hail and strong winds.

What is the most durable type of siding? 

What Is the Most Durable Type of Siding?
  • Engineered Wood. As the most durable siding on the market, engineered wood combines the aesthetics of real wood with engineered wood strand technology for superior durability.
  • Vinyl Siding.
  • Fiber Cement.
  • Traditional Wood.
  • Cedar Shake.
  • Aluminum.

What type of siding requires the least maintenance? 

Low-Maintenance Siding Options
  • Vinyl Siding. The most popular siding used in the United States, vinyl is resistant to insects, heat, and cold.
  • Metal Siding. Aluminum metal siding is another very low-maintenance product that’s been around since the 1930s.
  • Modified Wood.
  • Fiber Cement.

What type of siding is cheapest? Vinyl siding is almost always the least expensive way to side your home. You can even find vinyl siding for as cheap as $2 per square foot.


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What is the best type of siding to put on a house? – Additional Questions

What is the most expensive siding for a house?

When it comes to cost, stucco siding is among the most expensive siding options. Stucco costs between $6 and $9 per square foot.

Is Hardie board cheaper than vinyl siding?

For starters, Hardie board is more expensive than vinyl. The actual cost of the material depends on its quality, but it’s important to remember that the more you spend, the better you can expect your new siding to withstand the elements. Hardie board also requires more labor for installation.

Is metal siding cheaper than vinyl?

Cost. On average, metal siding is going to have a higher upfront cost when compared to vinyl siding. Vinyl is the more affordable option of the two materials. Metal is more expensive because it’s a higher-quality material and usually has higher installation costs.

Is white siding cheaper than colored siding?

A standard siding color will not affect the price of the siding, or of the installation.

Is board and batten cheaper than lap siding?

No, since board and batten siding is made of wood and relatively complex to install, it’s typically more expensive than horizontal vinyl siding. Board and batten can range anywhere between $5 and $12 per square foot while horizontal vinyl siding usually costs between $2 and $6 per square foot.

Is stucco cheaper than vinyl siding?

Stucco costs about $6-$9/square foot which is the most expensive home cladding option available. While vinyl siding prices range greatly, even the most expensive option doesn’t cost nearly that much money. So, stucco is way more expensive.

Why do you stucco a house?

Durability – the biggest advantage of Stucco is that it is resistant to fire, rot, mold, impact, and termite infestation. The finish on stucco homes has the capability to last up to 100 years depending on local climate conditions.

What are the problems with stucco houses?

Stucco tears and other discoloration around windows, doors, electrical boxes, pipes, meters, and spotlights. Pervasive scent of wood rot. Water leaking into the house, damaging the ceiling, walls, and flooring. Dry rot around windows.

Which is better vinyl or aluminum siding?

Installation, including removal of the old materials, is typically as affordable as aluminum siding, but vinyl is a superior, longer-lasting choice. Vinyl offers energy-efficiency, durability, and lower maintenance, with a lower total cost of ownership over the years.

How many years does vinyl siding last?

Vinyl siding is a common choice for home cladding, and it lasts much longer than you would expect. With no effort or cleaning, your vinyl will last about 60 years max but with meticulous care and maintenance (hand-washing every year), the lifespan can be extended up to 100 years!

When did they stop using aluminum siding?

Aluminum siding rose to popularity in the 1940s and was a common choice until its decline in the 1970s.

Should I replace my aluminum siding with vinyl?

Replace Aluminum Siding With Vinyl

How do I know if my dryer is electric or gas?

Unlike aluminum, it doesn’t need to be repainted — just an occasional inspection and hosing off will be enough. Some other advantages of vinyl siding include: Resistance to the elements: Modern vinyl siding is designed to withstand harsh natural elements.

Does vinyl siding decrease home value?

Vinyl siding helps increase a home’s value by adding a fresh appearance, durability, low maintenance and energy efficiency. According to the 2019 Home Remodeling Impact Report, a vinyl siding upgrade will increase a home’s value by 63 percent of the project’s cost.

What are the disadvantages of aluminum siding?

The disadvantages of aluminum panels
  • It can be susceptible to impacts and scratches, depending on the quality and thickness of the planks.
  • It can be noisy when there are strong winds.
  • It’s a relatively costly material (often 15 to 20 percent more expensive than other types of siding, such as wood, wood fiber, vinyl, etc.)

Is it cheaper to paint aluminum siding or replace with vinyl?

Vinyl, except for perhaps the most high-end products, tends to be slightly more affordable than aluminum and can cost as little as $2 per square foot.

Is aluminum siding outdated?

Strong and durable aluminum siding can last 40 years or more according to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, but may require painting every five to 10 years. One benefit to aluminum is that it takes paint relatively well, making it fairly easy to maintain or even change the color of your home.

What is behind my aluminum siding?

Often, you’ll find 1/2″ styrofoam or other rigid insulation underneath the aluminum siding which was nailed into the siding with fat headed roofing nails. Removing this stuff is simple since it is so fragile and can be torn away from the building simply.

What causes aluminum siding to peel?

Weather. Weather is the primary culprit when it comes to damaged and peeling siding. Years of sunlight, rain, temperature fluctuations, and hail can all cause your siding to dent or peel.

Should I paint aluminum siding?

Can aluminum siding be painted? If your aluminum siding has developed a chalky residue or is faded, stained or just plain the wrong color, fear not. You can paint it.

Can you paint peeling aluminum siding?

They couldn’t be more wrong! Aluminum siding takes paint very well. Paint adheres to metal better than it does to vinyl, and since aluminum doesn’t shrink and swell like wood, you don’t have to worry about paint peeling off the way you do with wood shingles.

Can you spray paint aluminum siding?

Before you paint aluminum siding, clean the surface thoroughly and prime the siding with one coat of acrylic primer. Then, paint with two coats of acrylic paint. In this video, TOH expert shares his tips and demonstrates how you clean and prepare the surface for painting.

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