What is the best cleaner for soapstone? Cleaning Soapstone

You can clean your soapstone after the mineral oil treatment using any household cleanser such as Ajax or Comet. Usually just wiping the soapstone with soap and water works just fine. A soapstone sink will stand up to any mild cleaner.

How do you rejuvenate soapstone? 

How to Restore a Soapstone Sink
  1. Clean the soapstone sink with a dishcloth and mild dishwashing liquid.
  2. Apply mineral oil to the soapstone with a clean, dry cloth.
  3. Wipe away any excess mineral oil to keep the sink from being slick.
  4. Rub sandpaper in a circular motion over any deeper scratches, using a medium pressure.

Can I use vinegar on soapstone? Avoid using vinegar, citrus, or harsh chemical cleaners on soapstone. Cleaning products containing strong acids are a particularly big no-no. These can actually eat away at the soft stone over time, robbing it of its luster and leaving it vulnerable to serious damage like etching, pitting, or breaking.

What stains soapstone? Oil and grease can discolor new soapstone, so wipe up spills promptly and, if necessary, rub a bit of acetone (nail polish remover will suffice) on an oil stain to lighten it.


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What is the best cleaner for soapstone? – Additional Questions

Can soapstone get wet?

If moisture gets inside natural stone, it weakens the strength properties of almost all types of stone. If a stone gets wet unevenly, it can bend. Soapstone’s high density prevents moisture and chemicals from entering the stone, and it is therefore not prone to the previously-mentioned problems.

How can you tell if soapstone is real?

How to Identify Authentic Soapstone
  1. Soapstone is soft and can be scratched with a fingernail.
  2. Sopastone feels cool to the touch at room temperature.
  3. Polished and unpolished soapstone both offer a waxy, soap-like feel and a pearly or silky luster.

How do you remove soapstone stains?

For regular cleaning, the best method is:
  1. Put a few drops of dish soap into a bucket of warm water.
  2. Using a clean sponge, wipe your soapstone countertops completely.
  3. Rinse the sponge or use a clean cloth to wipe any excess soap from the countertop.
  4. Allow to dry.

Will bleach damage soapstone?

True Soapstone is chemically inert.

Alkalis, caustics, bleaches and acids won’t affect Soapstone as they will granite, marble, limestone or slate.

How do you get water rings out of soapstone?

Polish Soapstone to Remove Stains & Scratches

Stains are easily cleaned by scrubbing or even sanding the stains away. However soapstone is a very soft stone and is prone to scratches. Minor scratches are easily repaired with an FDA approved food grade mineral oil or enhancer.

Can you use Clorox wipes on soapstone?

Believe it or not, bleach will not harm it either. However, Bleach is not needed, since the soapstone’s natural high density will not harbor bacteria of any kind. Simple soapstone and water or vinegar and water. Will work wonderfully well and clean any surface bacteria just as well as bleach or harsh cleaners.

How do you keep soapstone shiny?

Is soapstone high maintenance?

Because it requires no sealing, soapstone is relatively low-maintenance. With minimum care, your new countertop can retain its good looks for many years. Enhance your counter’s natural darkening progression by applying mineral oil to the surface every week or two and rubbing it in thoroughly.

How do you maintain soapstone?

Its nonporous nature means that caring for soapstone is simple: little more than water and a gentle cleanser is needed for regular maintenance.

What oil is best for soapstone?

Mineral oil is recommended for coating Soapstone sinks and counter-tops.

Does coffee stain soapstone?

Soapstone countertops do not stain

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Soapstone is a non-porous natural stone. As such, you will not have to worry about liquids sipping into the stone and staining it.

Can I use olive oil on soapstone?

Walnut oil is one of these. Despite increased popularity, it does not optimize the look and feel of soapstone, and it’s allergenic. Additionally, do not use the common household olive oils: they will go rancid and start to smell.

Does soapstone need to be sealed?

Thanks to its mineral composition and nonporosity, there is no need for soapstone to be sealed to keep moisture, bacteria and food particles from penetrating its surface, as is often required for porous stones such as granite and marble.

Can you use baby oil on soapstone?

To care for soapstone, we recommend applying dry-wax, mineral or baby oil to the surface of your soapstone 24 hours after it is installed.

How do you restore soapstone countertops?

Is soapstone easy to clean?

Soapstone countertops are naturally beautiful, durable and easy to clean and maintain.

What is more expensive soapstone or granite?

Soapstone costs roughly $70 to $120 per square foot installed, making it pricier than many other natural stone countertop materials. Also a high-quality natural stone, granite will not cost you as much soapstone. The material typically costs in the range of $40 to $100 per square foot installed.

Can you put hot pans on soapstone?

Soapstone is both chemical resistant and heat resistant, so you can set hot pots and pans directly on soapstone without risk of cracking or scorching. Soapstone is much softer and more prone to scratching than granite or quartz however, so preparing food directly on your soapstone counters could easily scratch it.

What are the benefits of soapstone?

Soapstone offers three major benefits: heat resistance/retention, acid resistance and absorption resistance/non-porosity. These properties enable soapstone to be used as sinks, countertops, floors, hearths, stoves and more.

Is soapstone worth the price?

Soapstone, much like other natural stone countertops, has a high resale value. Many prospective homeowners love the idea of having soapstone countertops, as the material is attractive, durable and easy to care for.

Are soapstone countertops a bad idea?

Soapstone countertops aren’t for everyone, but they can be every bit as good as other natural stone countertops without some of the cleaning hassles. Soapstone doesn’t have the variety of options like other countertops but it can prove much more functional in a kitchen space.

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