What is it with white houses with black trim? A white house with black trim has a particularly sophisticated look. The two tones are not only contrasting, they’re perfectly polarized, meaning the visual impact is profound. Even with this approach to exterior color, there are many different detailing decisions to make.

Are white houses with black trim popular? The combination of a white house with black trim has exploded in popularity over the last few years. Even though it’s become a huge trend, white and black is a classic color pairing that will never go out of style. And with these paint color tips, you’re sure to have a home that looks fresh, yet sophisticated.

Should siding and trim be the same color? While siding and trim should match, there is no rule of thumb for how to achieve this harmony. Siding and trim are often appealing if they are the same color or different colors. Choose your siding and trim based on the following criteria: Home Style.

What color should the trim be on a white house? Black exterior trim on a white house, for example, emphasizes architectural features for a more modern look. For homes with darker siding, such as brown or charcoal gray, white trim is always a good option. Bright white can make other colors appear more vibrant, so it’s perfect for highlighting a vibrant front door.


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What is it with white houses with black trim? – Additional Questions

Should Trim be darker than siding?

Typically the trim will be a lighter color than the siding, as it helps the home stand out more.

What colors go good with a White House?

One-Color Contrast

White on its own can be a bit sterile, but too much color can lead to overload. The perfect compromise is a room that marries white with one strong color, which could be navy blue, red, emerald green, sunny yellow, or even purple or pink.

Should white walls and trim be the same color?

White walls and trim certainly can all be the same color. Your space will feel larger and more cohesive. However, you can also choose two white colors that coordinate but don’t exactly match. Tip: Stay away from competing whites.

How do you pick white exterior trim?

The most important tip for an exterior white paint color: pick a white that is darker than you think. Some of these “white” colors will be a HUGE surprise! The best colors are those that work well with exterior lighting conditions. The closer you get to the sun; the more paint colors get washed out.

How do you pick a trim color?

Your options for wall and trim color combinations go beyond white trim and a colored wall. Painting the trim and woodwork darker than the walls, for example, focuses attention on window and door frames. If you love color, consider painting the trim a contrasting hue that’s equal in intensity to the wall color.

What color trim with Simply white?

Best trim and ceiling colors to pair with Simply White

The ceiling is flat, trim is satin and the walls can be painted eggshell. What is this? If you want more contrast, pick a clean white for the trim and ceiling such as BM Chantilly Lace or BM Oxford White.

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Is simply white too bright for exterior?

What is this? Simply White can work on exteriors but may require extra coats of paint due to the fact that it has low pigmentation. Unfortunately this increases the cost of your paint job. Its soft bright white with a hint of yellow undertone works well with grey or black windows.

Should I use white dove or simply white?

Even though Simply White has less beige undertones than White Dove, it still works well for walls, and especially baseboards and trim. Simply White is a brighter white than White Dove and if you’re really going for that bright white look, I’d go with Simply White over White Dove.

What is the difference between Chantilly lace and simply white?

The main difference between these two paint colors is that Simply White has a touch of yellow undertones, making it a slightly warmer white than Chantilly Lace.

Is Chantilly white too stark?

Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace is a bright white that has just a hint of warmth to it so it doesn’t feel stark… making it perfect for trim, cabinets, interiors and exteriors. It’s the perfect compliment to spaces with blue hues or slightly cooler colors.

Is Chantilly white too white?

Chantilly Lace is a white paint colour, and as far as Benjamin Moore is concerned, it’s THE WHITEST white! But, that’s not to say it’s the whitest white on the market, as Behr and Sherwin Williams take those top spots (I’ll post the links later at the end of this article).

What colors go well with Chantilly Lace?

  • Benjamin Moore Grant Beige.
  • Benjamin Moore Romantic Pink.
  • Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray.
  • Benjamin Moore Lake Placid.
  • Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray.
  • Benjamin Moore Hale Navy.
  • Benjamin Moore Decorators White.
  • Benjamin Moore Gray Owl.

What does Chantilly Lace look like?

Is Chantilly Lace a neutral white?

In the Benjamin Moore collection, Chantilly Lace OC-65 is rivaled only by Super White OC-152. While most whites and off-whites that have subtle undertones of yellow, pink, or blue, Chantilly Lace is a bright white paint with almost no undertones, which make it an extremely versatile and neutral paint color.

Is Chantilly Lace too cold?

Chantilly Lace would be waaaay too cold for this countertop, and you’d need to choose a cream paint color if your countertop looked something like this.

Is Chantilly Lace good for whole house?

My whole house including cabinets, trim, doors and walls are all Simply White. But sometimes both of those paint colors can have a yellow undertones. If you are finding that’s the case for you when trying paint samples in your home, then Chantilly Lace might just be for you!

What trim to use with white Dove?

Use a flat or eggshell finish (makes your walls easier to clean) and a semi-gloss finish on the trim. The slight difference in the sheen will add enough variety. If you think using White Dove for both the walls and trim is a little too matchy-matchy, you can try Benjamin Moore Simply White OC-117.

Is white Dove Too white for exterior?

White Dove

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It has just the right amount of “off-whiteness” if you do not want too much creaminess on the exterior of your house.

When should you not use white doves?

We don’t recommend White Dove for exterior trim unless you pair it with a very light paint color with low contrast. White Dove may look very stark with darker colors because paint colors are 5-10 times brighter outside in the sunshine.

Is white Dove Too white?

White Dove has yellow undertones mixed with a slight gray, which together create a beautiful soft creamy off white color. The warm and cool undertones balance each other out to create the perfect neutral white paint. But paint colors will always be affected by the amount of light in a space.

Does white dove look dingy?

If the wall color has at least 0.20 more/less in Chroma, then White Dove will look like a clean, crisp creamy white and unlikely to appear dirty/dingy. This is why you’ll find conflicting opinions about White Dove. For some it’s dirty/dingy for others it’s the most beautiful creamy white they’ve ever used.

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