What is Atelophobia mean? Atelophobia is an obsessive fear of imperfection. Someone with this condition is terrified of making mistakes. They tend to avoid any situation where they feel they won’t succeed. Atelophobia can lead to anxiety, depression and low self-esteem.

Why does throwing things away give me anxiety? Study after study shows us that clutter causes anxiety, inhibits our ability to focus, and raises stress levels. That means we’re far better off clearing the clutter out of our homes and enjoying the life we have right now, instead of saving a bunch of stuff just in case we need them some day.

What is the fear of clutter called? Ataxophobia is an extreme fear of untidiness or disorder. People with ataxophobia feel intense distress in untidy settings. They may experience anxiety just thinking about being in a situation where disorder or messiness surrounds them.

Is anthropophobia a mental illness? Anthropophobia is not a clinical disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), but many people consider it a specific phobia. Like other specific phobias, anthropophobia involves intense anxiety that’s not proportional to the actual threat.


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What is the Bibliophobia?

Bibliophobia is an intense fear of books or reading. It’s a type of anxiety disorder. Books are almost everywhere, and they’re difficult to avoid. Bibliophobia can cause physical symptoms, disrupt daily life, and affect success in school and work.

What causes Chronophobia?

What causes chronophobia? Healthcare providers believe chronophobia and other phobias result from a mix of environmental factors and genetics. Being incarcerated, having a terminal illness or surviving a traumatic event can lead to chronophobia.

What causes anthropophobia?

Causes of Anthropophobia

All phobias are often linked to trauma in a person’s history. In some cases, just one extremely bad experience is enough to cause anthropophobia. But often it comes about after a series of bad experiences. Betrayal from close loved ones can trigger this phobia.

What are symptoms of anthropophobia?

Anthropophobia Symptoms
  • Difficulty looking people in the eye.
  • Difficulty speaking with people.
  • Fearfulness of being judged or watched by others.
  • Fearfulness or anxiety about offending others.
  • Feeling unworthy or inadequate to others.
  • Significant levels of awareness regarding social interactions.

What does anthropophobia mean?

Anthropophobia, sometimes also spelled anthrophobia, is defined as the fear of people. “Anthro” means people and “phobia” means fear. Although not an explicit clinical disorder in the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), it may be considered a specific phobia.

What are the weirdest phobias?

Here are some of the strangest phobias one can have
  • ​Ergophobia. It is the fear of work or the workplace.
  • ​Somniphobia. Also known as hypnophobia, it is the fear of falling asleep.
  • Chaetophobia.
  • ​Oikophobia.
  • ​Panphobia.
  • Ablutophobia.
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What does Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia mean?

Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia is a specific phobia, meaning that someone with this condition would experience intense, irrational anxiety or fear when faced specifically with the number 666.

What is the #1 weirdest phobia?

Top 10 Most Bizarre Phobias
  • Optophobia: Fear of opening one’s eyes.
  • Chorophobia: Fear of dancing.
  • Geliophobia: Fear of laughter.
  • Heliphobia: Fear of sunlight.
  • Deipnophobia: Fear of dinner conversations.
  • Neophobia: Fear of new things.
  • Syngenesophobia: Fear of relatives.
  • Ablutophobia: Fear of washing and bathing.

What is the scariest phobia?

Then again, some of the scariest phobias are ones almost everyone has to some degree.

These Disturbing Phobias Make Life For Their Sufferers A Waking Nightmare

  • Taphophobia.
  • Claustrophobia.
  • Pediophobia.
  • Coulrophobia.
  • Nyctophobia.
  • Athazagoraphobia.
  • Trypophobia.
  • Chronophobia.

What is the rarest phobia to have?

Here is a list of 21 weird and rare phobias you may have never heard of.
  1. Arachibutyrophobia (Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth)
  2. Nomophobia (Fear of being without your mobile phone)
  3. Arithmophobia (Fear of numbers)
  4. Plutophobia (Fear of money)
  5. Xanthophobia (Fear of the color yellow)

What are humans most afraid of?

Let us know!
  • Going to the dentist.
  • Snakes.
  • Flying.
  • Spiders and insects.
  • Enclosed spaces Fear of enclosed spaces, or claustrophobia, plagues most people, even those that would not readily list it as their greatest fear.
  • Mice.
  • Dogs.
  • Thunder and Lightning.

What are the Top 5 fears of humans?

Key points. There are only five basic fears, out of which almost all of our other so-called fears are manufactured. These fears include extinction, mutilation, loss of autonomy, separation, and ego death.

What fears are we born with?

We are born with only two innate fears: the fear of falling and the fear of loud sounds.

What is the fear of death called?

Thanatophobia is an extreme fear of death or the dying process. You might be scared of your own death or the death of a loved one. Psychotherapy can help most people overcome this disorder. Appointments 866.588.2264.

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