What color is Sherwin Williams Navajo White? Navajo White is a cream, warm white paint that has beige and yellow undertones. It’s best suited for more traditional interiors and exteriors that aren’t too modern or stark. It definitely does not look like a “white” paint color but is very pretty when paired with brown, reds, and taupes.

What colors go well with Navajo White? 

What paint colours go well with Navajo White?
  • some gray paint colours, including stormy shades of gray well as warmer earthy shades, just make sure the gray is DARKER than Navajo White.
  • darker beige paint colours with similar undertones.
  • some shades of blue-green or earth-toned green paint colours.
  • warm white paint colours.

Is Benjamin Moore Navajo White a warm color? Benjamin Moore Navajo White is a beautiful, warm off-white paint color that has a slightly creamy texture to it.

What paint brand has Navajo White? Navajo White SW 6126 – White & Pastel Paint Color – Sherwin-Williams.


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What color is Sherwin Williams Navajo White? – Additional Questions

Why is Navajo White so popular?

What is the difference between Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams Navajo White?

Benjamin Moore / Navajo White PM-29 – Not to be confused with Sherwin Williams Navajo White (the colors are completely different), Navajo White by Benjamin Moore is warm and rich. This reads almost like a beige-yellow. If you have a lot of natural light and you’re going for a Mediterranean vibe, this is your white.

Does white Dove go with Navajo White?

decoenthusiaste. Here’s Navajo White on the walls with White Dove trim – a lovely combination!

What color is Benjamin Moore white dove?

Benjamin Moore White Dove is a beautiful soft white paint colour with a hint of grey making it a popular choice for trim, cabinets, walls and more.

What number is Benjamin Moore Navajo White?

Navajo White OC-95 | Benjamin Moore.

What white trim goes with Navajo White?

What trim color goes with Navajo White? I like Navajo White paired best with an off-white trim, but not just any off-white, because some off whites have more gray in them, and that doesn’t really work well with the more yellowy nature of this hue. I’d go with Simply White for the prettiest pairing.

Is Navajo White good for trim?

However, this light and airy cream color is so versatile that it works beautifully for any architectural style, interior or exterior. Part of the Benjamin Moore Off-White Collection, Navajo White is a classic neutral that works equally well as a wall or trim color.

Is Behr Navajo White the same as Benjamin Moore Navajo White?

The second color (depicted on the right side) is named Navajo White and also has a refference code 362 assigned to it. The later color belongs to Behr paint chart maintained by Behr respectively.

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Navajo White (947) vs Navajo White (362)

HEX Code: #EFE8D6
RGB Float: 0.937, 0.91, 0.839
CMYK Percentage: 0, 3, 10, 6

Is Behr Navajo White warm or cool?

Navajo White is a very warm, creamy white with strong yellow undertones. This is a controversial HOT TAKE, but we think it’s a great choice (you might even say ‘classic’) if you want a truly warm, rich white.

What color is Benjamin Moore white sand?

Benjamin Moore White Sand is not an off-white or a yellow-beige. It’s a warm gray greige that has more beige than gray. The best way to describe it is to compare White Sand with other interior paint colors.

What is Benjamin Moore’s warmest white?

Cloud White is one of the BEST warm white paint colours from Benjamin Moore. With its soft cream (yellow) undertone, Cloud White offers warmth without being ‘colourful’ as it has a neutral base to calm it down. Cloud White won’t act like white as it has more warmth to it.

What is the warmest white?

Benjamin Moore Simply White

reading as more of a white in most rooms. This warm white color’s undertones are very slightly yellow with a touch of green and blue. The LRV for Benjamin Moore Simply White is 91.7, which is considered very high – it’s the highest of the warm whites in this round-up, in fact.

What color is Benjamin Moore China white?

Now you can see why Benjamin Moore China White is unique, it’s a greige that’s almost white and it has the warmth without the hint of yellow that you see in most off-white paint colors.

What color is BM Swiss coffee?

Swiss Coffee is a WARM white paint colour – not OVERLY yellow/creamy, but definitely warm.

What is Swiss coffee paint color?

Swiss Coffee is a paint color with a little touch of yellow and ever-so-slightly green undertones.

What color is Benjamin Moore winds breath?

Wind’s Breath is considered an Off-White, but it’s not as white as you may think. This is why white paint colors are so complicated because about 95% of them have an undertone. You will find yellow, pink, blue, violet, gray, and peach undertones, to name a few.

Is winds breath GREY or beige?

Winds Breath | OC-24 : More neutral in color (not a grey), seemingly a beige/off white but doesn’t bend yellow or pink. It’s simply warm and so straightforward of a color.

What color is Benjamin Moore pashmina?

Pashmina is a greige paint colour that’s certainly winking at the beige end of things as it’s warmer than ALL of the other popular greige paint colours. If you have north-facing light or flat afternoon eastern light, you might see Pashmina lean a bit more into its gray base, while still keeping a SOLID dose of warmth.

What are the undertones of BM ballet white?

Ballet White has its roots in the palest creamy-yellow; however, this sophisticated shade has strong neutral and greige undertones too. It’s rich and creamy, but that touch of greige prevents it from taking on the yellow cast that can sometimes occur with shades of cream.

Is winds breath warm or cool?

Winds Breath is DEFINITELY a complicated warm neutral paint colour. While its undertones are VERY subtle, it can pick up a very gentle taupe (pink-violet), but can ALSO lean that bit into cream in certain situations.

What color is calm by Benjamin Moore?

Calm is an off-white paint colour that is a soft, warm gray, which means it’s a gray with a bit of brown in it to warm it up.

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