Should you wash a down comforter before you use it? Sheets, comforters, duvets, pillowcases — these are all produced in factories full of dust, chemicals, dyes, and other skin irritants. So yes, you should wash a comforter before using it!

Does Ollie’s have comforters? Twin/Full comforters for $19.99, their price $29.99!

Why is my comforter not fluffy anymore? 

Is Tahari home good quality? The colors are vibrant and images are crisp. It washed well with no fading, and the quality of the fabric is excellent.

Should you wash a down comforter before you use it? – Additional Questions

How do you wash a Tahari comforter?

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine wash cold, gently and separately. Tumble dry low.

Is Tahari a good brand for bedding?

This is the softest bedding I have ever owned, it is softer than my 800 thread count sheets. I cant believe its only 300 thread is an incredible silky softness and cool which is wonderful because I live in South Florida.

What size bifold closet doors do I need?

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