Is awesome cleaner poisonous? Non-toxic and biodegradable, nothing gets the job done like LA’s Totally Awesome. Our original all-in-on cleaner, degreaser and spot remover is the inspiration behind the LA’s Totally Awesome name and the cornerstone of our product lineup.

What happens if you breathe in awesome cleaner? When mixed, the contents of certain cleaners can trigger dangerous chemical reactions, such as the combination of ammonia and bleach. Mixing them produces toxic fumes that, when inhaled, cause coughing; difficulty breathing; and irritation of the throat, eyes and nose.

What chemicals are in awesome cleaner? 

Ingredients from the label
  • sodium percarbonate. SODIUM CARBONATE PEROXIDE.
  • sodium carbonate. SODIUM CARBONATE.

Does Awesome cleaner contain ammonia? Well, it’s ammonia.


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Is awesome cleaner poisonous? – Additional Questions

Is totally awesome safe?

LA’s Totally Awesome All Purpose Cleaner ® is a safe, naturally gentle soap, specially formulated for cleaning a variety of surfaces like floors, furniture, and other household surfaces.

Do you have to dilute Totally Awesome cleaner?

For 2 to 1, use 2 cups of water to 1 cup of LA’s Totally Awesome. For 20 to 1, use 20 cups of water to 1 cup LA’s Totally Awesome. For 30 to 1, use 30 cups of water to 1 cup LA’s Totally Awesome. For 50 to 1, use 50 cups of water to 1 cup LA’s Totally Awesome.

Does Awesome have bleach in it?

Product Description

An efficient blend, Awesome Products Cleaner with Bleach eliminates the need for scrubbing. Simply spray it on and wipe it off to thoroughly clean any hard surface. Safe for septic tanks, the non-flammable blend is free of acid and ammonia.

Can you mix totally awesome with bleach?

Bleach and soap don’t mix! Mixing chlorine bleach and cleaners like dish soap can be harmful to your health. Mixing bleach with other cleaners can release toxic gases. Washing dishes in warm, soapy water already removes germs.

Is Awesome Cleaner a disinfectant?

Cleans and disinfects hard, nonporous inanimate surfaces. Effective against: Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, MRSA/MRSE, Avian Influenza A, Hepatitis A/B/C Virus, E.

Is awesome a good cleaner?

Of more than 300 reviews on the Dollar Tree website, the cleaner has a 4.9-star average rating — evidence that, true to its name, it’s actually totally awesome. Amazon buyers love it, too; the product has a 72 percent five-star rating (and lots of ecstatic comments from buyers).

Can I use awesome to wash dishes?

You probably could use it to soak dishes, but i would not recommend washing dishes with it. It is more of a chemical cleaner.

Is awesome cleaner biodegradable?

Non-toxic and biodegradable, nothing gets the job done like LAs Totally Awesome. Awesome makes use of superior wetting agents to get deep down to the stain. Awesome uses complex Floro-surfactants to reduce the surface tension between the surface to be cleaned and the product.

Can you use totally awesome on dishes?

Is awesome cleaner an enzyme cleaner?

What company makes awesome cleaner?

La’s Totally Awesome TRV185098 Purpose Concentrated Cleaner, Multi, 32 Oz.

Where is La totally awesome made?

We operate manufacturing and distribution centers in West Memphis, Arkansas, and Orange County, California. Our fully integrated manufacturing facilities allow us to oversee the production process from start to finish, ensuring that it is not just great, it is LA’s Totally Awesome.

Can you use awesome cleaner on hardwood floors?

Things You’ll Need

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Concentrated Awesome cleaner can be used to clean laminate floors, which are synthetic products designed to look like wood, stone or tile. Awesome cleaners can restore the shine of your floor, clearing away dirt with a product that is safe for pets, children and the environment.

Can you use awesome cleaner on Windows?

I wouldn’t use it on Windows. Works great on floors, counters, bathroom and walls. Just test before to make sure it doesn’t remove color.

Can you use awesome on car interior?

LA’s Totally Awesome All-Purpose Cleaner is an incredibly effective and affordable concentrated cleaner that you can use on almost any material, including your vinyl car seats.

Can I use totally awesome on glass?

appliances, countertops, floors, woodwork, and more. Your windows and mirrors will be sparkling clean with the streak-free formula of LA’s Totally Awesome® Window Clean! Plus, it’s also great on a multitude of other surfaces, such as tubs, tile, sinks.

What happens if you don’t dilute cleaner?

That being said, it’s important to ensure you get the dilution of disinfectants right. If you don’t get the ratio of disinfectant to water right, you run the risk of affecting the efficacy of your disinfectant.

Can you use awesome cleaner on car paint?

This stuff is easily the best cleaner I’ve used. I use it as a bug and tar remover on my car. As long as you spray it down with water first and don’t let this dry on the paint it works amazingly well.

How do you use LA’s Totally Awesome?

Why is it important to have a proper dilution of cleaning chemicals?

Proper dilution ratio is important for safety and to provide a better outcome when using a chemical. Over diluting chemicals wastes product and money as well as gives you poor results. While under diluting chemicals could cause safety issues due to high concentration of the chemical.

Do you have to dilute chemical guys?

Here at Chemical Guys, we make two types of products: Ready to Use, and Full Strength. When products come full strength, you can dilute them to suit your cleaning needs to get more bang for buck and make the products last longer. For example, a 10:1 ratio means you mix 10 parts water to 1 part chemical.

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