How should I store my kids shoes? 

  1. USE shoe racks. A shoe rack is a great option for storing baby’s shoes and also for displaying baby’s shoes.
  2. STORAGE BENCH. Storage benches are a must-have in an entryway to help store sneakers, flip flops and rain boots.

How do you organize kids shoes in a small space? Other Products to Organize Kids’ Shoes. If you don’t have room for a 50-Pair Vertical Shoe Rack, you could also use over the door shoe organizers, stackable unit organizers, slat shoe racks, or the bottom row of a shelf.

How do you organize a large amount of shoes? On A Door Or Closet Rod

Over the door hanging shoe organizers are a good way to keep your floor and shelves clear of shoes while keeping them easily accessible. They install quickly and can accommodate lots of shoes depending on type and heel height.

What is the most space efficient way to store shoes? According to several professional organizers, the top shelf of your closet is one of the best places to store shoes. Lowenheim recommends storing your shoes up there in shoeboxes with corresponding pictures taped to the front, while Nancy Heller of Manhattan-based Goodbye Clutter suggests a display.


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How should I store my kids shoes? – Additional Questions

How do you store shoes without a shoe rack?

You can place it in the closet, under the bed (if the height allows), or keep it under a table. It’s a good option to store old shoes that you don’t wear so often and don’t entirely want to get rid of them. You can simply insert shoes vertically. For flat shoes, you can also use a rubber band to tie them together.

How does Marie Kondo organize shoes?

Roberts explained the basis of the process when it comes to organizing footwear, explaining: “We like to store like with like, so obviously, all sandals together, all heels together, but you do want to keep in mind colors can be together for the kind of event you can wear them to; just keep like with like.”

How do you store shoes in limited space?

Is it better to keep your shoes in the box?

Shoe boxes can protect your shoes and keep them in proper conditions to avoid any kind of residue or build-up, and this can drastically improve the overall lifespan of your shoe. However, there is no benefit to storing your shoes at all if you are going to put them away without cleaning them.

How do you make a shoe organizer?

Where should shoes be stored at home?

Ideal directions for placing a shoe rack is the west or south-west corner. Shoe racks should not be placed in north, south-east and east directions. If the house entrance is in the north or east, then do not place a shoe rack near the area. If it is not possible, then place it outside the house.

How do you store shoes in a small wardrobe?

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