How do you use a handheld mat cutter? 

How do you cut a mat without a mat cutter? If you don’t own a mat cutter, you can cut your mat window with an x-acto knife, but you won’t achieve a good clean bevel. Typically, if you cut 2-3 of your own mats, your tools will pay for themselves!

How do I cut my own mats? Step One: Place the mat board on top of the back of your frame backing and trace around it with a pencil. After tracing, cut out the section of mat board using your X-Acto knife or other sharp blade. Step Two: Place your artwork in the center of the mat to measure the location of the opening.

How do you cut a mat with a Logan mat cutter? 


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How do you use a handheld mat cutter? – Additional Questions

What is a mat cutter used for?

A mat cutter is a tool specifically designed for cutting the cardboard mat, or matting, used to mount art pieces. For artists, a mat cutter is a vital tool in the studio, allowing them to mount and frame work much more cheaply than a professional framing company.

How do you use Dexter Matt cutter?

Dexter Mat Cutter Instructions
  1. Tape the cardboard under-padding securely to the drawing board surface.
  2. On the BACK of the mat board, measure and mark with pencil lines the area to be cut out.
  3. Place a Dexter #3 mat cutter blade on the angled slot for bevel cuts or in the perpendicular slot for straight cuts.

How do you use a Logan 450 mat cutter?

How do you use a Logan 4000 mat cutter?

How do you use a Logan mat cutter 350 1?

Which Logan mat cutter is right?

What is a Logan mat cutter?

Mat cutters such as the Logan Model 450 Intermediate + Mat Cutter provide a full 40″ base board with a fixed guide rail and a measuring system. The Logan Model 750 Simplex is another example.

How do you use a red circle mat cutter?

What is a mat board cutter?

Nt professional mat cutter is designed for cutting 45 degree angle Bevel straight edge on mat boards. Perfect for customizing your mat board and making decorative frames.

How do you use a compact classic mat cutter?

Will Michaels cut mat board?

Did you know that you can get a mat cut…in any size and layout, from any of the matboard options…at Michaels? (And probably other framing stores like JoAnn Fabrics and Hobby Lobby…. but I haven’t checked their options personally.) Yep!

How do you bevel cut a mat board?

How do you use a knife mat?

What can I use instead of a mat board?

Use alternative forms of matboard:

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Scrapbooking papers (a wide selection can be found at any craft store), recycled, vintage papers (see above!), or even swatches of thick fabric can all be used to mat art and photography.

Can you remove matting from frame?

How do you cut a picture mount by hand?

Can you frame a picture without matting?

If you just put a print into a frame without a mat or spacers, contact with the glass can cause sticking, buckling, newton rings, and a variety of other problems. The trick is to use spacers to create an air gap between the print and glazing (glass or acrylic).

When should you mat a picture?

For small pieces, a mat adds oomph, helping to give tiny masterpieces the wall space they deserve. Larger artworks and pieces that have a built-in border might look great framed full bleed (meaning the artwork goes all the way to the frame’s edge).

Do pictures look better with a mat?

Mat Backgrounds

The spatial effect of the added mat gives the image breathing room by providing a clean border that allows the artwork to shine. Larger prints will also benefit from a mat setting, and in both cases, mats provide a special refined appeal.

How do you mat a picture for framing?

How wide should a picture mat be?

As a general rule, your mat should always be 1.5 times as wide as your frame, or wider. If the mat is smaller than the frame, you run the risk of the artwork appearing stuffed into the frame.

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