How do you style a narrow hallway? 

  1. Stick to a monochromatic color palette.
  2. Hang up a mirror in a small entrance.
  3. Use paint to visually enlarge a narrow hallway.
  4. Play to proportions in a long hallway.
  5. Display oversized wall art.
  6. Use paint to create a focal point.
  7. Pay attention to scale.
  8. Keep a narrow space free from clutter.

How do you fix a narrow hallway? 

Turns out there are some easy fixes to transform a narrow hallway into a warm, light, and inviting space.
  1. Use mirrors. Image Credit: Gordon Duffinton.
  2. Incorporate cubbies. Image Credit: Decorpad.
  3. Illuminate the space.
  4. Paint the walls.
  5. Add color to your trim.
  6. Incorporate molding.
  7. Add artwork.
  8. Install recessed shelving.

Can a hallway be widened? Narrow hallways are frustrating to decorate because there is a limited amount of space to work with. Physically widening the hallway is expensive and messy, but with the use of paint, accessories, flooring and lights, you can trick the eye into believing the hallway is wider than it actually is.

How do you elongate a hallway? 

Here are some tips and ideas that will make your hallway look and feel larger than it really is.
  1. Keep all clutter off the floor.
  2. Keep furniture to a minimum.
  3. Use a mirror to reflect light.
  4. Paint walls in a light shade.
  5. Flooring.
  6. Lighting.
  7. Artwork.


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How do you style a narrow hallway? – Additional Questions

How can I make my hallway look more expensive?

7 Easy Ways To Make Your Entryway Look Expensive
  1. Harness the power of mirrors. If you’re going to splurge on anything in your entryway, mirrors are the way to go.
  2. Keep fresh flowers on hand.
  3. Play with pattern and color.
  4. Rethink your lighting fixtures.
  5. Add in a statement piece.
  6. Don’t overcrowd the space.
  7. Add in some art.

What wallpaper makes a hallway look bigger?

Horizontal stripes make surfaces look wider (as we know from clothing!). Whether it is a long or a short hallway, you can visually change its layout with stripe wallpapers. In short corridors, wallpapers with a white background and colourful, narrow horizontal lines can be used to add some lightness to the ambience.

How do you fake an entry way?

Fake an entryway with DIY leather-strap organizers that bring order to a wall. Punch holes in leather straps and mount them on the wall to create hangers for shelves or dowels. Slide a poplar board through two loops to form a shelf, or slide hooks along a dowel to create a drop-zone for jackets and bags.

How do you separate the entrance from the living room?

How do you make a welcoming hallway?

How to create a welcoming hallway that engages
  1. Consider how you use your hallway.
  2. Make the colour work for the space.
  3. Choose statement lighting.
  4. Create the illusion of space with mirrors.
  5. Maximise storage with a console or clever storage.
  6. Hang artwork and other decorative details.
  7. Think about the finishing touches.

How do you open a hallway?

Hang a mirror to open up the space

Hanging a generous mirror in a hall is a smart aesthetic solution to make more of a narrow hallway space. A mirror works by reflecting light, which opens up the space. It also fakes a sense of depth by extending the wall because it mirrors the view.

What Colour is best for hallway?

Neutrals will ensure your hallway feels light and airy. Consider light and mid-tone shades of yellow, green, pink and blue pastel colours to inject subtle colour that feels cheery and uplifting. And, of course, there’s always the perfect grey paint for a timeless shade.

How do you make a small entrance look bigger?

Hang a Mirror

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“Mirrors are critical to designing a small entry,” designer Rasheeda Gray says. And they’re a win-win: “A mirror will give the appearance of a larger space as well as provide the function to take a look as you head out of the door,” Gray adds.

What do you put in a entrance hall?

Hallway ideas: furniture

If you have enough space, consider a hall table, either a console table that can provide a space for keys, post, along with flowers, lamps and decorative objects, or something a bit grander to go in the centre of the hallway if you have a larger space.

How can I make my home entrance Beautiful?

15 simple ideas that will make your entrance look beautiful
  1. With just enough detail. Save. Cecyn Arquitetura + Design Request quote.
  2. Well Detailed Road. Save.
  3. No more than a doormat. Save.
  4. Frame of Plants. Save.
  5. Water Welcoming. Save.
  6. The precise touch of art. Save.
  7. Floor well coated. Save.
  8. Wooden frames. Save.

What should I put on my entrance wall?

8 Essential Items Every Entryway Needs
  1. A Sturdy Coat Rack. When guests come to visit, don’t just throw their coats onto the bed or the back of the sofa.
  2. A Weather-Resistant Rug or Mat.
  3. No-Fuss Seating.
  4. Grab-and-Go Storage.
  5. Accent Mirror.
  6. Overhead Lighting.
  7. Fun Accents.
  8. Fresh Flowers.

What color is good luck for a front door?

What color is good luck for a front door? Within the principles of Feng Shui, the color red is considered to be good luck for a front door. Red represents good fortune, protection, and symbolizes fire energy.

What should be placed in front of main door?

Vastu for home entrance: What should be placed in front of main door?
  • Every house should have a nameplate in front of the main door.
  • Decorate the main door with divine symbols like Om, swastika, cross, etc., and put rangolis on the floor, as they are considered auspicious and invite good fortune.

What should be kept in entrance to house?

Wood is considered to be the most auspicious material to use as per vastu for home entrance. In fact, if your house entrance is not facing the directions prescribed by vastu (south and south-west are considered taboo), then adding wood and metal can correct the dosha.

Which facing house is not good?

The first and second choices for homes are north and east-facing doors with West being the third-choice. However, according to Vastu Shastra, all homes are considered equally auspicious, and there is no such thing that west-facing homes are not as good as north or east-facing homes.

Which side should God face at home?

According to Vastu experts, god should be placed in either east or north-east direction in the house. The idols or deities must be kept at a certain height from the ground. The setting should be such that the face of God must be towards west and the face of worshipper should be towards east.

Which face is best for house?

Vastu for home suggests that the host should face towards the north and the east, and the guests must be seated opposite to the host. This ensures the best and positive energy flow into your house.

Which way should your house face to save energy?

An East-West-Facing Lot

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Ideally, for energy-conserving purposes, a house on an east- or west-facing lot should also have the long side facing south if possible. With the ridge line oriented east-west, this may mean that a narrow side of the house faces the street.

Why are north facing homes better?

Keeping Cool. Homes that are oriented to the north typically receive most of their direct sunlight in the back of the building. As a result, a north-facing house may remain cooler in the summer than a south-facing one.

Which side is best for bedroom?

A. Direction of bedroom, according to Vastu
  • The master bedroom should ideally be located in the south-west corner of the home, as it is linked with good health, longevity and prosperity.
  • North-west is also a good option and suits the guest bedroom or your children’s bedroom best.

Which side of the bed should a woman sleep on?

Research reveals more women prefer to sleep on the left side of the bed than the right – and the reason why is super cute.

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