How do you store towels without a linen closet? 

While it’s nice to have a linen closet as a dedicated space to store blankets, extra bedding, and towels, not every home has one.

9 Linen Storage Ideas Without Closet

  1. Repurposed Furniture.
  2. Use Baskets.
  3. Decorative Ladder.
  4. Storage Ottoman or Chest.
  5. Storage Above Door Frames.
  6. Use an Étagère.
  7. Underbed Storage.
  8. Use Your Closet.

Where do you put towels in a bathroom without a closet? An adjustable rack on the back of a door can hold towels, washcloths, and just about any other bathroom essential you may need. Or, add a rack to the inside of a closet door to stow away folded sheets and pillowcases.

What can I use instead of a linen closet? 

What can I use if I don’t have a linen closet?
  1. baskets. Source: Remodelista.
  2. credenza. Source: Iekel Road Home.
  3. dresser or small cabinet. Source: Elle Decor.
  4. open shelving. Source: Almost Makes Perfect.
  5. display cabinets. Source: One Kindesign.
  6. linen cabinet.
  7. tiered storage tower.
  8. space saver behind the toilet cabinet.

How do you store a set of towels? 


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How do you store towels without a linen closet? – Additional Questions

What can I store my towels in?

Here, nine ways to store towels so they stay pretty, not mildewy.


How do you store towels in a cupboard?

Facing the fold in the front is the easiest way to streamline the look of your closet. All my towels are white, but try stacking your towels by color (light to dark) to keep a clean look. It’s also perfectly okay to roll, stack and contain towels in bins if you’re short on space.

How does Marie Kondo organize towels?

How do you fold and store towels?

How do you store towels in a small closet?

Towels: To get the most storage space for bulky towels, it’s best to fold them in thirds lengthwise, then into a rectangle. Place on shelves at your eye level or below, so the edges face toward the back for a neat appearance. If your closet is on the smaller side, consider rolling your towels for extra space.

How do you stack bathroom towels?

Is it bad to store towels in bathroom?

Bathrooms are the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew, and your towels are easily susceptible to these gross fungi. It’s fine to keep one towel hung up in the bathroom as long as you swap it out once a week. Turning on an exhaust fan can help dry out the room and your damp towel faster.

What can I use instead of a towel bar?

Towel Hooks instead of a towel bar–Your bathroom will look so much better if you find great towel hooks like these from Pottery Barn verses the towel bar. If you want your bathroom to be functuional towel hooks are the way to go.

Where should towels be placed after shower?

Here are 5 ways to make more towel space, and make sure you know where to hang wet towels after a shower.
  1. A Towel Ladder Rack.
  2. Over the Toilet Towel Rack.
  3. Over the Door Towel Rack.
  4. Freestanding Towel Rack.
  5. Wall Mounted Towel Rack.
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Where do people keep their wet towels?

But as a general rule, it’s best to place them somewhere in the immediate vicinity of the sink, whether folded neatly on the counter or hung on the wall by a towel ring or towel bar.

Do towels dry better on hooks or bars?

Towel bars allow towels to dry without being bunched up, so they dry faster than towels might on a hook or ring.

Are towel bars necessary?

They are one of the larger towel hanging methods, so it is important that you have enough space for them. With that being said, they are not necessary, but they can prove to be very functional and convenient for several different bathroom designs. Towel racks are perfect for large spaces.

Why do people put towels on doors?

Aside from being a bathroom necessity, a towel can lower the volume of sounds traveling between rooms if you place it under your door.

Why do people put towel racks in the shower?

A separate towel rack on the wall offers ample room for dry towels to warm while their user is showering and for damp towels to dry out. Inside the shower.

Can I use a robe hook for towels?

Robe hooks help you to keep your bathroom organised

Even if you have a towel rail installed, adding a single or several robe hooks isn’t a waste as it can be used to hang your clothes while you’re in the shower. It could also hold your thick, fluffy towel if you don’t want to squeeze it through the towel rail.

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How do you hang towels on a towel rack?

How do you make a space towel hook?

Towel or robe hooks should be 70 inches above the floor. Multiple hooks should be spaced a minimum of 9 inches apart. Towel rings should be at least 20 inches above the vanity countertop, as applicable.

How do you display towels on a towel bar?

Fold a large bath towel into thirds lengthwise.

Lay the towel flat on a smooth surface. Fold each of the long sides so that they touch end-to-end in the middle. Then fold the towel in half and drape it over the bar.

How do you decorate a bathroom with towels?

How do you hang towels like a hotel?

Classic Hotel Folding Method
  1. Begin by spreading your bath towel out on a flat surface. Fold one long end towards the middle.
  2. Next, fold each short end towards the middle. Be sure to leave a gap where the ends meet.
  3. Finally, pick up one end and fold it over the other, creating a beautifully folded bath towel.

How do you hang towels on a double towel bar?

Hanging Towels on Double Racks

It’s generally a better idea to hang your larger towel on the back dowel of your double towel rack. This leaves the front dowel, which is more accessible, free for your hand towels, which are in more frequent use.

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