How do you sort knick knacks? 

3. Decluttering Tips for Too many knick-knacks
  1. Rotate. First, consider a ‘knick-knack rotation’.
  2. Groupings. Sort your knick knacks with purpose and display the like items together.
  3. Box it up. If you have lots of tiny little objects, prevent clutter by placing them in an interesting box with a glass lid or in a pretty jar.

How do I display knick knacks without clutter? 

Cubby bookcases are close enough to the traditional that no one really pays attention to them, but they also allow extra storage for displaying books and knick knacks on a low-key level.

  1. Cork boards.
  2. Magnets.
  3. Poster frames.
  4. Shadow box frames.
  5. Scrapbooks.
  6. Hanging baskets.
  7. Jewelry displays.
  8. Shelves, shelves, and more shelves.

What can I do with old knick knacks? Knick-Knacks, Tchotchkes, Lamps, etc.

Take trophies back to local trophy store, where than can be ‘reused’ for charitable organizations. Games and Art Supplies to your local after school tutoring program, such as Communities in Schools.

How do you organize all little things? 

33 Clever Ways To Organize All The Small Things
  1. Store bobby pins in a magnetic paper clip holder.
  2. Corral your hair ties with a carabiner.
  3. Pair your earrings up in an ice cube tray.
  4. And pack jewelry in a daily pill organizer when you travel.
  5. Cover a corkboard in linen for a flexible necklace display.


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How do you declutter small objects?

How to Declutter:
  1. Start Small – Experts advise to work room by room and think about starting slow, so you don’t get overwhelmed.
  2. Make a Pile – Collect all of the same items into one spot, (clothes, books, shoes, etc.).
  3. Organize – Find a place for everything to go, then decide on how you will store everything.

How do you categorize household items?

Here are some options to choose from:
  1. Categorize by Similarity – Group items that are the same type or similar.
  2. Categorize by User – Another way of grouping things is by the user.
  3. Categorize Alphabetically – Grouping things by letter is a fantastic way to keep things organized and avoid micro categorizing.

How do you organize random junk?

How to Organize Random Stuff
  1. Check It. Get everything out in the open, so you can see what you have.
  2. Purge It. While you are taking inventory and sorting through your miscellaneous junk, take notice of the things you can toss and get rid of them.
  3. Clean It.
  4. Store It.
  5. Maintain It.

What do you store in small containers?

Some ideas include small tools, cables and wires, desk accessories, toys, and travel toiletries. A plastic rolling cart can also be used to hold small items, such as hats, socks, jewelry, or makeup. A three-drawer rolling cart is mobile because it’s on wheels and can be quickly used in different spaces.

How do you organize small boxes?

How do you organize a small house?

How to Get Organized When You Live in a Small House
  1. Purge like crazy. Declutter often.
  2. Separate rooms into zones.
  3. Maximize closet space.
  4. Look for ways to use space creatively.
  5. Get items off the floor.
  6. Utilize vertical space.
  7. Be very choosy about what you allow to come into your house.

How do you fit a lot of things in a small room?

15 Genius Tricks for Making Any Small Room Feel Huge
  1. Use a clutter basket. Clutter baskets are a great way to quickly knock out a session of tidying up.
  2. Paint the walls white. Shutterstock.
  3. Use mounted shelves.
  4. Hang an accent piece.
  5. Declutter.
  6. Add mirrors.
  7. Use minimal furniture.
  8. Let natural light in.

How can I declutter my house fast?

How to Declutter Fast – Quick and Easy Steps
  1. Toss the Trash. In every area you organize, start by tossing the obvious trash.
  2. Move Non-Kitchen Items Out of the Kitchen.
  3. Tidy Reading Material in the Living Room.
  4. Organize the Bathroom One Drawer at a Time.
  5. Let Go of Unused Items in Your Home Office.
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How do you really declutter?

50 Decluttering Tips
  1. Clear off all flat surfaces—and keep them clean!
  2. Pick a decluttering strategy that best suits your lifestyle.
  3. Make the most of underutilized storage spaces.
  4. Don’t wait for spring cleaning season!
  5. Ask yourself what items you actually use—and ditch the rest!
  6. Designate a place for the clutter to go.

What should I declutter first?

Closet and Clothing

The easiest way to tackle a closet is to first declutter your clothing by type. That means start with shoes, then boots, then dresses, then denim, etc. It’s much easier to decide to toss or keep a pair of jeans if you’re looking at your entire jeans collection at once.

Where do I start decluttering when overwhelmed?

Here is the best formula for decluttering large, overwhelming spaces:
  1. Remove the easiest things first.
  2. Discard larger items next.
  3. Donate items instead of selling them.
  4. Break your large space into smaller bite-size challenges.
  5. Work until your bite-size piece is completed.

How do you be ruthless when decluttering?

How to be ruthless when decluttering clothes: 8 Key tips
  1. Get in the right headspace to start ruthless decluttering.
  2. Set a deadline.
  3. Make ruthless decluttering fun.
  4. Motivate yourself with a reward.
  5. Lay out all your clothes.
  6. Create a sell, keep, donate, and discard.
  7. Ask yourself questions as you start ruthless decluttering.

How do you let go of old clothes?

16 Genius Tips For Getting Rid Of Old Clothes
  1. Take Everything Out And Look At Each Item Individually.
  2. Make Piles To Stay Organized.
  3. Start With The Obvious Stuff.
  4. Try Everything You Want To Keep On.
  5. Ask Yourself Two Questions About Each Piece Of Clothing.
  6. Make A Maybe Box.
  7. Have A Specific Place For Mementos.

When should you throw away clothes?

Here are seven signs to consider when getting rid of clothes.
  • It Has Stains, Holes, or a Smell. This might seem like an obvious sign.
  • You No Longer Love It.
  • It’s From an Outdated Trend.
  • It Hasn’t Fit in a Year.
  • You Haven’t Worn It in a Year.
  • It No Longer Fits Your Style.
  • It’s Uncomfortable.
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How do I purge my 2022 closet?

Here’s your plan:
  1. Straighten things up, like errant hangers and stuff that’s just sort of tossed around in there.
  2. Vacuum up dust and dirt around the floor or other surfaces.
  3. Go through the things inside and cast things you’re not sure you need to the outbox.

How often do you get rid of clothes?

As a general rule of thumb, it’s not a bad idea to go through your wardrobe about every six months to do a little purging. Even if you know that, though, it’s easy to forget about it or push it out of your mind.

Should you keep clothes that are too small?

Letting go of clothes that are too small isn’t easy. Yet, it’s more beneficial to keep clothes that fit us perfectly and make room for better items. If they are one size too big or too small, they take space in our closet for no reason. It’s time to let them go.

How much clothes should I have?

How Many Outfits Should I Have? You should have at least 7 outfits to sustain you through one week. If you leave your home every day most of those outfits should be outfits for going out, however, make sure you also have one casual outfit for when you spend time at home.

What can I get rid of in my closet?

If You Have These 12 Things in Your Closet, It’s Time to Get Rid
  • Old Costumes.
  • Bridesmaid Dresses.
  • Things Someone Gave You as a Gift That You Never Liked.
  • Stretched Out Clothing.
  • Things You’re Holding on to Just Because You Spent $$$
  • Shoes That Leave You Limping.
  • Tangled or Discolored Costume Jewelry.
  • Free T-shirts.

How many pairs of pants should a woman own?

The number of casual pants you only really need and wear is 4 to 5, even though most women own 7 pairs of pants on average, and men 6 pairs. Add 2 pairs of formal trousers to complete your wardrobe.

How many pairs of pajamas should I own?

The number of pajamas you only really need and wear is 3 to 4 pairs or sets. Some people have separate sleepwear sets for winter and summer. Others wear the same nightgowns all year around.

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