How do you remove a stripped screw handle from a faucet? 

  1. Insert a cobalt drill bit into your drill. Use a bit that is just big enough in diameter to fit in the original screw head slots.
  2. Position the drill bit over the the first hole and drill out the screw head. Drill just enough to reach the inside diameter of the handle.
  3. Pull the faucet handle away from the faucet.

How do you remove a stripped allen head screw? 

How do you get a stripped screw out of a bathtub faucet? 

How to Remove a Stripped Screw From a Faucet
  1. Choose the screw extractor that coincides with the size of your screw head.
  2. Insert the drill bit into a power drill.
  3. Position the screw extractor in the drilled hole.
  4. Fit an adjustable wrench to the top of the screw extractor.

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