How do you open a safe without the key or code? 

How do you open a digital safe when the batteries are dead and no key? The battery pack is inside the door and batteries can only be replaced with the safe open. To access the override lock, there is usually a removable panel to the side of the keypad. Undoing this will uncover the lock for the key to be inserted. If you have lost the override key then you cannot open the safe.

How do you reset a Harbor Freight safe? Set/Reset Master Code:

Press 00 on Keypad, then press and hold Entry Code Button until Safe beeps and Yellow light illuminates. b. Within 15 seconds, enter an Entry Code up to 8 digits on Keypad, followed by either A or B. Code has been accepted when Safe beeps.

How do you open a safe that won’t open? Jammed Bolt Work

Turn your back to the safe, and kick the door, hard, a few times. Be sure that you do not kick the keypad or the handle. This will help loosen the bolt work. Next, pull the handle in the opposite direction than you normally do and enter the code.


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How do you open a safe without the key or code? – Additional Questions

How do you open a 3 digit combination safe?

What do you do when your combination lock won’t open?

Please try resetting the lock again by following the instructions below:
  1. Place lock in the open position.
  2. On the back of the lock, slide the reset lever into the “up” position.
  3. Insert the shackle into the lock and squeeze firmly twice to “clear” it.
  4. Pull up on the shackle to open the lock.
  5. Enter your new combination.

How do you reset a 3 digit combination lock?

How do you open a 4 combination lock?


Turn the dial left (counterclockwise), stopping when the second number comes to the opening index the FOURTH time. 3. Turn the dial right, stopping when the third number comes to the opening index the THIRD time. 4.

How do you reset a master lock if you forgot the combination?

Resettable combination locks have a combination that is assigned by the owner of the lock. Therefore, Master Lock does not have record of the combination that the owner set. The lock cannot be reset unless it is in the open position. If your lock is attached to something, you will need to call a locksmith for removal.

How do you open a master directional lock?

Insert the shackle into the lock and squeeze firmly. The lock will now open with your new combination. Remember to squeeze the shackle firmly toward the lock twice and release to “clear” the lock each time before opening it.

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