How do you light a low ceiling basement? 

What is the best lighting for a basement? For a basement, ambient lighting is often best achieved through recessed ceiling lights (aka — can lights, high-hats or downlights). Track lighting is an alternative to recessed lights, and it can be more budget-friendly especially if you are trying to fit ambient lighting in a finished space.

How can I add light to a room with a low ceiling? Uplighters are a very effective way of lighting a room with low ceilings and will provide plenty of good quality ambient lighting. Uplighters include a wide range of wall lights and floor lamps. Meanwhile, floor lamps and table lamps are great for practical task lighting, while also adding ambience.

How do I increase the light in my unfinished basement? 

  1. Flush Mount Lighting. One of the best ways to combine function and style is to pick a flush mount light.
  2. Track Lighting. Track lighting is arguably the best option for unfinished basements.
  3. Round LED Lights. Round LED lights are also a convenient option for unfinished basements.
  4. String Lights.
  5. LED Light Bar.


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What is the best lighting for an unfinished basement?

Since unfinished basements are often damp and cold, fluorescent tube lights should probably be avoided. The Build Direct blog advises you steer clear of bare incandescent bulbs. They provide a harsh, yellow light that isn’t welcoming. Instead, opt for soft white bulbs that provide a warmer light.

What is the best lighting for a dark basement?

The best basement lighting that FBP recommends is LED Recessed Lighting. LED basement lighting will provide a widespread light source throughout the basement.

How do I make my basement lights brighter?

Introduce More Natural Lighting

Replacing small windows and dark frames with new windows and white frames. Adding sliding glass doors if your basement has an above-ground access. Adding egress windows.

How can I add more light to my basement?

Here are several examples.
  1. Use Mirrors. Putting mirrors in strategic places is a smart strategy to reflect light inside your basement.
  2. Go With An All-White Wall.
  3. Maintain an Open Floor Plan.
  4. Install a Sun Pipe or Solar Tube.
  5. Glazed/Glass Doors.
  6. Build A Basement Light Well.

How can I make my basement room brighter?

10 Ways to Lighten and Brighten a Basement
  1. #1. Paint Your Walls with a Light Color.
  2. #2. Choose Light Wood Flooring.
  3. #3. Use the right Lighting and Layer them.
  4. #4. Choose Bright Colored Furniture for Contrast and Added Brightness.
  5. #5. Consider Natural Plants.
  6. #6. Don’t Forget the Mirrors.
  7. #7. Consider Shiny Metal Accents.
  8. #8.

How can I make my basement look brighter?

10 Tips to Make Your Basement Look Bigger and Brighter
  1. Light Colored Walls. Walls painted in light colors reflect light and also help a room appear larger.
  2. A Monochrome Style.
  3. Glass Doors.
  4. A Clear and Bright Floor.
  5. Well Maintained Windows.
  6. More Greenery.
  7. Varied Light Sources.
  8. The Mirrors.

What is the best color for basement floor?

Ivory – If you’re looking for classy and clean, we recommend painting the concrete floors in a soft ivory color. Such a color instantly makes the basement look nice and clean. And white reflects light very well, helping to make the space look more well-lit. Gray – Gray is still the most popular color for concrete.

What colors make a room look bigger and brighter?

So, what colors make a room look bigger? For an optimum effect, go with soft tones like off-white, blues, and greens, and always remember that brighter rooms feel bigger and more inviting. And here’s another hack: Try painting your wall trim and moldings in a lighter color than your walls.

How do I make my basement less depressing?

Drive away the gloom with splashes of bright colour. You can use anything: furniture, pillows, paintings, vases, lamps, artwork, even a bunch a flowers. Strong colours such as red, bright blue and yellow will instantly transform your basement into a happy place.

How do I make my basement feel like home?

The best way to make your unfinished basement feel complete is by adding accents and decor just as you would to any other room in your house. In addition to the basement ideas above, like hanging string lights and adding area rugs, bring in other details that will add warmth, texture, and ambiance.

How do I make my basement apartment cozy?

Don’t just paint everything white!
  1. Yes, Use White—But Use it Inventively.
  2. Let Accent Walls Be Your Friend.
  3. Hang Big, Yes BIG, Art.
  4. Keep Tiny Rooms Intimate and Cozy.
  5. Use the Entire Height of a Wall to Your Advantage.
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How do I decorate a small basement apartment?

How do I make my basement apartment not feel like a basement?

Try to keep the space around your basement apartment windows clear. This means that you should use light window dressings and avoid heavy fabrics for curtains. The best way to do this is to use a combination of sheer light-colored drapes with retractable blinds.

Can living in a basement cause depression?

There is often less natural light in basement dwellings, which can lead to feeling depressed,” says Sinclair Kruth. “A lack of natural light can also lead to difficulty sleeping and disrupted sleep-wake cycles, which can lead to feeling fatigued but not able to rest properly.

What’s wrong with living in a basement?

Basements have features that expose the people living in them to certain risk factors, like mould, carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, and radon. Risk of flooding, sewer backup, etc.

Why do I feel sick in my basement?

Basement air naturally rises, and your home’s ductwork system helps facilitate that movement. As a result, you and your family may be susceptible to Sick Building Syndrome, a medical condition where people in a building suffer from symptoms of illness or feel unwell for no apparent reason.

Is it healthy to sleep in a basement?

“Basements are often damp, and moisture and mold go hand-in-hand,” says Robert Weitz, a certified microbial investigator and founder of RTK Environmental. “Mold and poor indoor air quality have been known to trigger allergies that cause coughs and headaches, as well as irritations to the nose, skin, and eyes.

Should basement windows be opened?

Always Shut Basement Windows

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It could mean downtime and disruption to your normal life. Moisture buildup can also damage your floor covering and insulation. Your air conditioner will suck this moist air through the subfloor. When this air gets into the rest of the house, it will warp your wood floors too.

How do I purify the air in my basement?

Are you wondering how to improve air quality in the basement? There are several ways. Use an air purifier, dry the moisture out, keep windows closed, seal cracks and gaps, remove VOC’s, test for radon, and monitor carbon monoxide.

Why do I get a headache in my basement?

Carbon Monoxide

This gas can then seep into the rest of the house, where it can create health problems and a dangerous risk of fire. Carbon monoxide is odorless and invisible and may not be noticed until occupants experience symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, such as headache, dizziness, or loss of judgment.

Will an air purifier help with basement smell?

Air purifiers are an effective and relatively simple solution for almost all basement air quality issues that do not include radon. New technological advancements have made purifiers available which efficiently eliminate particles, VOCs, bacteria, viruses and mold spores.

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