How do you hide speaker wire in drywall? 

How do you hide speaker wires on a wood floor? How do you hide speaker wire on hardwood floors? On hardwood floors, you can either use rugs or flat adhesive wires and paint wood texture over them, or you could use wood-textured raceways.

Can you hide speaker wire behind crown molding? You drill a hole into the drywall behind where the crown molding will cover, fish the wire down the wall (behind the drywall) and bring the wires out at outlet-height, either with a scoop plate to run directly to the gear, or to a wall plate. Your choice of those will depend on where those plates land.

How do you hide speaker wire under carpet? 


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How do you hide speaker wire in drywall? – Additional Questions

Is it OK to run speaker wire under carpet?

Works fine under carpet for rear surround sound speakers. Wire is copper-clad, not solid copper. Easy to solder or to use under screw connections.

How can I disguise my speakers?

Hide your speakers in your wall behind tapestries or acoustic art to hide them entirely.
  1. This is a great choice if your TV is mounted on the wall since you can place symmetrical pieces of art on the wall on either side of the TV.
  2. The more breathable the fabric or material, the better the sound quality.

How do I run speaker wire through carpet?

Place the flat speaker wire over the bent-over section of tack strip. Pull the carpet toward the wall, and press the carpet down onto the tack strip. Repeat on the opposite side of the path.

How do you fish wire under carpet?

How do you hide the wires under laminate flooring?

Because it is not attached to the subfloor, you can run speaker wires or telephone cables under a laminate floor by cutting a notch in the subfloor with a circular saw. If the subfloor is concrete, pass wires behind the baseboard on the perimeter of the floor.

How does fish tape work?

What can I use instead of fish tape?

What is a wire fish tape?

Fish tape is a tool used by electricians primarily for pulling electrical or other wires through conduits. It’s also used for pulling NM wire through walls, ceilings, floors, and other enclosed spaces. The fish tape itself is a long, stiff, flat steel wire.

How do you use a wire snake?

How do I make an audio snake?

Can a drain snake break a pipe?

Drain Snakes Can Damage Pipes

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While billed as devices that are easy to use by anyone and everyone, drain snakes can be hard to manage, and if used improperly, can damage pipes. Old pipes in many homes are galvanized, or coated in zinc, which was done to prevent the pipe from rusting or corroding.

How do you make a wire snake?

What is a wire snake?

A “cable snake” is a bundle of cords that have been enclosed in some form of cable wrap to keep them neat and organized. Just about everyone has a cable situation that can use some straightening out, and forming rebellious cords into a snake is a quick and easy way to gain control of things.

How do you wire wrap a snake?

How do you make wire rings?

Is it hard to make wire rings?

It’s stiff enough that you’ll want good-quality jewelry tools when working with it, but it’s not too hard to shape. For soft wire such as copper, you may need to work-harden the wire to make sure bracelets and rings don’t bend out of shape.

How do you make a wire ring without mandrel?

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