How do you hide horizontal blinds with curtains? 

How do you hang curtains over blinds without a nail or drill? 

To hang curtains using a damage-free installation method, try one of these options:
  1. Secure the hardware with adhesive hooks. Adhesive hooks or adhesive strips are versatile hanging tools you can purchase in various sizes and strengths.
  2. Use magnetic curtain rods.
  3. Use tension rod curtains inside window frames.

Can you use curtains over blinds? We often get asked the question ‘do curtains and blinds work together? ‘ The answer is, for the most part, ‘yes’ – when paired, the two can bring out a flexible décor and ensure adequate blocking of light and privacy control.

Can you hang curtains over outside mount blinds? Hanging curtains will not interfere with the functionality or installation of outside blinds. Indeed, using blinds and curtains for the same window can make the room look cozy as together they complete the look.


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How do you hide horizontal blinds with curtains? – Additional Questions

Can you put curtains over Venetian blinds?

Installing curtain brackets on your blind headrail is the easiest way to hang curtains over vertical blinds. Venetian blinds, however, may look better if you install adhesive hooks on the wall on either side of your window.

How do you hang curtains without a rod?

Five Creative Ways to Hang Curtains Without Rods
  1. Upholstery tacks.
  2. Tension cables.
  3. Hook-eye screws and drapery pins.
  4. Staples and furring strips.
  5. Cabinet knobs.

How do you hang curtains around blinds?

Buy a set of outside-mounting brackets and a curtain rod. Place the brackets close to either end of the cornice and adjust their settings so that they are firmly holding onto the cornice. Hang the curtains from the curtain rod, and then place the curtain rod in the bracket to complete your project.

Can you put sheer curtains over blinds?

For a bedroom, sheer curtains can be paired with blackout blinds or shades that will block out sunlight, keeping the room dark for better sleep quality.

How do you hang a valance over blinds?

Where do you hang outside mount blinds?

Is it better to mount blinds inside or outside?

As long as your window frame has enough depth to mount blinds inside the opening, we almost always recommend an inside mount.

Should blinds be up or down?

Turn your blinds up. This direction is better for improved privacy too, as minimized gaps between the slats don’t allow curious passersby to view the inside of the house. To let in a small amount of natural light, it’s best to turn your blinds down and close them.

What is the difference between inside and outside mount blinds?

As opposed to inside mount when the coverings are mounted inside the window frame, outside mount is mounted on the wall above the window and directly on the trim. Because of this the blinds or shades will need to be wider than your window opening.

What is a valance for blinds?

A valance “tops off” your window treatments. It’s a custom fabric accent that sits at the top of the window. Valances can look casual or formal, depending on the fabric used and typically will match or complement your window treatment and the decor of your room.

Do Roman blinds look better inside or outside recess?

In summary, for Venetian, roller and vertical blinds, we would recommend they be hung from within the recess. However, Roman blinds would be better suited outside the recess, as they are able to let more light enter into the room.

What are Roman blinds?

Roman blinds are made from fabric that is designed to pleat when raised. The blinds are constructed by mounting slats, which are connected to cords, into the back of a fabric panel. When the blind is lifted, the cords pull the slats together and force the blind to fold into pleats.

What is a waterfall shade?

Roman Shades that feature soft cascading folds that ripple down the face of the fabric are usually called waterfall or hobbled roman shades, but are also known as looped or teardrop shades.

Are Roman blinds still in fashion?

But are Roman blinds popular today? Yes, and if anything they’re becoming more, not less popular. Roman blinds have undergone a level of modernisation over the last couple of decades in terms of how they operate.

What are Pinoleum blinds?

Developed over a hundred years ago Original French Pinoleum fabric consists of fine handwoven wooden reeds that will transform the sun’s glare into a soft, dappled light – creating a relaxing ambience all year round – and protecting plants and furniture by effectively controlling the room temperature.

How do I get rid of flies on my conservatory roof blinds?

Removing the flies and insects can either be by means of a vacuum cleaner with a long flat nozzle or they can be blown off with a hairdryer set on a cool setting.

What blinds are best for conservatories?

The Best Blinds for your Conservatory
  • Vertical. Vertical blinds provide one of the best-suited blind styles for conservatories, as their opening and closing operation is horizontal (the louvres themselves are vertical).
  • Pleated. Pleated blinds are another great filter for natural light.
  • Roller.
  • Roman.
  • Venetian.
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Can you hang curtains in a conservatory?

Although curtains are still less popular than blinds in a conservatory, they are a great choice, particularly during the colder winter months. Conservatory curtains can be stylish, practical and insulating as long as you make the right choices.

Why are PVC blinds not suitable in a conservatory?

Venetian Blinds When it comes to Venetian style blinds, you will need to choose aluminium ones, as PVC or wooden blinds will not be able to withstand the more demanding temperature conditions of a conservatory.

How do you keep a conservatory warm in the winter?

See, I told you I’d be quick
  1. Invest in better glazing, if it is affordable.
  2. Minimise draughts as best as you can.
  3. Get busy with drapes and blinds and big blankets.
  4. Perhaps lay some new flooring.
  5. Insulate the conservatory roof.
  6. Opt for electric heating if you can.
  7. Be efficient with the radiator you already have.

Is it worth putting a radiator in a conservatory?

If you only plan to use your conservatory occasionally, portable heaters or electric radiators may be all you need. If you intend to use your conservatory more regularly, a permanent heat source, such as a log burner, will heat the room more efficiently.

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