How do you hang sheer with grommets? 

How do you pair sheers with curtains? Sheers and drapes: The most common and practical method for layering curtains. Use double brackets and double curtain rods to layer a sheer curtain under an opaque or blackout drape or curtain. This technique allows sunlight to shine through while still maintaining privacy.

How high should grommet curtains hang? How high should you hang your curtains? Using your stepladder and tape measure, measure the distance from the top of your window molding, then go up 2-4 inches. This will be the height of your curtain rod. Keep in mind that the standard length of grommet panels is 84”, although longer lengths are also available.

Can you hang grommet curtains with rings? Step Two: Attach curtain clip rings.

Second, attach curtain clip rings to your grommet panels. Clip rings usually come in packs of 8, and you’ll need 8 clip rings per grommet panel. To achieve the fullness in the room photo above, I used six grommet panels – three on each side of my window.


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How do you hang sheer with grommets? – Additional Questions

How do you make grommet curtains look expensive?

How do you keep grommet curtains evenly spaced?

I would attach a thin piece of ribbon between each pair of grommets that allow the pleat to be the space that you need. Use the same length of ribbon on all of them. Then when you close the curtain all the pleats will be the same space.

What kind of curtains do you use with clip rings?

What kind of Drapes can you use clips with? Any kind of curtains or drapes will work with curtain clip rings; including back tab (hidden tabs), rocket pocket curtains, and more. This is the beauty of using curtain clips, since you are just clipping the ring to the top edge of the panel fabric.

How do you hang curtains with hooks and rings?

How do you make grommet curtains look better?

How do you hang grommet curtains without a rod?

Five Creative Ways to Hang Curtains Without Rods
  1. Upholstery tacks.
  2. Tension cables.
  3. Hook-eye screws and drapery pins.
  4. Staples and furring strips.
  5. Cabinet knobs.

Can you put grommet curtains on a regular curtain rod?

Grommet curtains slide easily on and off tension rods but make sure that the curtains and grommets are not too heavy. Always measure the diameter of the grommets and curtain rods first to ensure that they are compatible.

What kind of rod do you use for grommet curtains?

Sizing. A grommet that is 1/4 inch larger than the rod diameter slides smoothly along the rod. For example, a common 1 5/8-inch grommet glides over a 1 3/8-inch diameter rod.

Do grommet curtains slide easily?

Grommet Curtains

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Curtains with a grommet top have feature metal open rings punched into the fabric at the top of the panels that allow them to slide along the rod easily. Their easy operation makes Grommet Curtains the perfect fit choice for draperies you want to open and close regularly.

Are sheer curtains out of style 2020?

Sheers are a must in 2020

Not only do sheer curtains look elegant but they also offer a light breezy feel and are perfect for living rooms, bedrooms and kitchen windows. Curtains crafted of sheer fabric can be used separately or behind heavier drapes for an appealing view.

Are grommet curtains in style?

Young clients often love the grommet style because it’s much more updated looking than a standard pinch pleat. They’re “not your grandma’s” curtains, although I’ve put grommet headers in the homes of many a grandma too! The big window above didn’t need to be covered, but the beautiful view did need to be framed.

How do you hide grommets in curtains?

How do you hang grommet curtains straight?

How wide should grommet curtains be?


The curtain width should measure 1 ½ to double the width of the window for fullness.

How do I stop my curtains from flaring on the bottom?

Once you’ve folded the panels, tie them at 3-4 points with a ribbon or yarn, along the length of the curtains. Don’t tie them too tight though as that might leave sharp creases. Keep them loose in a snug, vertical stack.

How do I make my curtains look professional?

How To Hang a Curtain Like A Pro
  1. Hang them high. Especially in rooms with low ceilings, be sure to hang your curtain rod as high as possible.
  2. Hang them wide.
  3. Hang them in the right length.
  4. Hang the right amount of panels.
  5. Hang the right style of panel.
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How do you keep grommet panels together?

Do new curtains drop after hanging?

Do curtains typically drop after hanging? We’ve researched this to get the answer for you. Your curtains may drop right out of the box, but more than likely, they will flare at the bottom. You need to train the curtains for three days to two weeks after unboxing them, so they take on a more appealing shape.

Is it OK if my curtains don’t touch the floor?

The answer to this question is important because it can affect the way we do our decorations. Yes, curtains should be long enough to touch the floor. With a few exceptions, the longer the curtains are the more stylish and elegant it will look. This is why most standard ready-made curtains are lengthy.

Are you supposed to wash curtains before hanging?

If you purchase curtains that are washable it is very important to wash them prior to hanging. They normally shrink the most the first time they are washed. I washed mine in hot before hanging them the first time to get all of the shrinking behind me.

How long should sheer curtains hang?

Floor-length sheers should end one to two inches above the floor if they are hung beneath another curtain. However, sheers can go to greater lengths if they stand alone. For a soft and romantic look, add an additional three to four inches for “breaking” sheers, or 12 to 15 inches for sheers that puddle.

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