How do you hang lights without nails or staples? Try using plastic clips instead of nails or staples. Plastic clips are the easiest way for hanging Christmas lights on the roof. You can also use a staple gun to hold them in place, but that will also make them more time consuming to remove after Christmas.

How do you hang fairy lights without damaging walls? 

How to hang fairy lights without nails
  1. Drawing Pins.
  2. Blu-Tack.
  3. Wrapping around household objects.
  4. Wire Suckers.
  5. Damage-free Adhesive Hooks.

How do you stick string lights to the wall? Use nails, thumb tacks, or clear wall hooks to hang the lights up. What you use to hang the lights with depends on what you are doing with the lights. Use clear, self-adhesive wall hooks (i.e. Command hooks) on walls, mirrors, shelves, and items you do not want to ruin.

How do you hang lights without clips? 


How do I keep my curtain rods from sliding out?

How do you hang lights without nails or staples? – Additional Questions

How can I hang a ceiling light without drilling?

Some of the best adhesive hooks to use are Command strips or hooks such as the 3M Command Ceiling Hooks from These hooks work pretty well when hanging small items, and some even sport adjustable hooks. You can use them to hang lightweight light fixtures, ceiling decor, or party lights from your ceiling.

How do you hang indoor lights?

How do you hang lights with Command Strips?

How do you attach string lights to a ceiling?

Start from the hook closest to your outlet. Run the lights across your ceiling to the other side across the length of your ceiling. When you reach a hook, pull the lights tight and coil the string once around the hook. Continue working in a zig-zag pattern until you’ve covered your entire ceiling.

How do you hang outdoor light hangings?

  1. STEP 1: Select the right string lights for your space.
  2. STEP 2: Determine where you will hang the lights.
  3. STEP 3: Measure and mark where the hooks will go.
  4. STEP 4: Screw in the cup hooks.
  5. STEP 5: Hang the string lights.
  6. STEP 6: Plug in the outdoor string lights and enjoy your illuminated space.

How do you hang outdoor string lights without?

How do you hang string lights in a bedroom?

String lights can be placed above the headboard to contribute to the whimsical, bohemian ambiance in a light beige bedroom. To truly illuminate your bed and create a fairytale-like interior, hang the string lights over the canopy that is placed above your bed.

How do you hang heavy string lights?

How to Hang Outdoor String Lights
  1. Step 1: Measure & Prep. The first thing to do is measure for both your string lights and the cable guide wire you need for spanning across any open spaces.
  2. Step 2: Mount Screw Hooks.
  3. Step 3: Connect & Tighten Cable.
  4. Step 4: Attach Your String Lights.
  5. Step 5: Sit Back and Enjoy!
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How do you hang lights on an apartment balcony ceiling?

Hang up your lights with adhesive hooks as a temporary option. Press adhesive hooks along the walls and supports of your balcony, which offer a handy, nail-free way to show off your lights. Drape your lights over the hooks instead of nailing them in place around your outdoor space.

Are fairy lights tacky?

Fairy lights are the bread and butter of Christmas decorating: the atmosphere-creating, life-giving backdrop. But they can just as easily be tacky and headache-inspiring as they are magical and sophisticated.

How do you hang string lights in an apartment?

How do you hang lights on a condo balcony?

How do you hang Christmas lights on brick without drilling?

One of the best ways to attach Christmas lights to brick is to use a hot-glue gun. Popular Mechanics recommends this over masonry anchors and fasteners, as those can damage interior surfaces and walls. They also leave screw heads and unattractive-looking marks.

How do you hang Christmas lights in your apartment?

An easy method is to take a strand of C7 or C9 bulbs and make each bulb face upward on the railing, keeping the cord in a straight line. Use zip ties around each bulb to secure the strand snugly, with all bulbs all pointing up. Secure lights on a railing in a straight line, pointing upward, with zip ties.

How do you attach fairy lights to balcony railing?

The best option for how to hang outdoor string lights on a glass railing is probably adhesive hooks. You can get clear ones that won’t show up much, and you could stick them to the underside of the top rail to keep them hidden.

How do you secure string lights on a deck?

How do you hang Christmas lights with clips?

How do you hang Christmas lights in your bedroom?

What is the easiest way to hang Christmas lights?

Can you use paper clips to hang Christmas lights?

Can you use clothes pins to hang Christmas lights?

Holiday light hangers: When hanging holiday lights, try attaching the wires with clothespins. This is a much easier method than the traditional way of poking nails into aluminum soffits and fascia. It’s also much safer!

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