How do you get rid of wasps under a deck? 

Let’s discuss these five methods in more detail.
  1. Peppermint Oil Solution. Spray the wasp nest with a peppermint oil solution.
  2. Vacuum Cleaner. Vacuum the wasps under your deck.
  3. Wasp Traps. Use wasp traps to get rid of wasps under the deck.
  4. Diatomaceous Earth.
  5. Wasp Insecticide.

What deters wasps from building nests? Instead of planting flowers around your porch, plant wasp-deterrent plants like pennyroyal, marigold, wormwood, mint, basil, and geranium. Stay vigilant about nests. It’s impossible to remove wasps entirely, so you have to stay vigilant about nest formation.

How do I keep bees from building a nest under my deck? 

How to Keep Bees Away from Deck, Porch, Patio, House
  1. Grow Specific Herbs Near the Deck.
  2. Never Keep Flowers and Strong-Scented Plants Near the Porch.
  3. Sprinkle Cinnamon.
  4. Place Garlic Around the Deck or Porch.
  5. Spray a Heavy Oil.
  6. Make a Garlic and Vinegar Solution.
  7. Use Baby Oil or Vanilla Extract.
  8. Serve Food Inside.

Do wasps live under decks? Block off decks and porches

If wasps can find warm, covered, and dark nest sites close to the ground, they’ll absolutely use them. In fact, spaces beneath decks, porches, and sheds are perfect for wasps. They may build into the corners of the underside of a deck or build out of the ground.


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How do you get rid of wasps under a deck? – Additional Questions

What is a good wasp deterrent?

Wasps have a strong sense of smell and dislike certain plants like peppermint, spearmint, basil, eucalyptus, cloves, geranium, thyme, citronella, bay leaves, and lemongrass. They are also repelled by vinegar, cinnamon, coffee grounds, and sliced cucumber.

What smell do wasps hate?

Cultivating pest-repellent plants

Pest-repellent plants are known to keep wasps away due to their pungent smell. Plants like Peppermint, spearmint, basil, eucalyptus, cloves, geranium, thyme citronella, and lemongrass are wasp repellent. Cultivating them in your garden will help eliminate any wasp colony nesting there.

How do I get rid of a wasps nest on my porch?

Spray soapy water at the nest to kill existing wasps, then spray essential oils around your porch to keep them from coming back. Warm, soapy water kills wasps. Fill a backpack hose (the bigger the better) with a dish-soap-slash-water mixture and spray it at the nest.

How do you get rid of a wasp nest naturally?

Remove food sources outside (especially sweet cakes and sugary drinks) Keep doors and windows shut. Cover any holes in the ground. Ensure bins are kept shut and emptied regularly.

How do you get rid of a wasp nest without getting stung?

How To Remove A Wasp Nest Without Getting Stung – 5 Steps
  1. Identify and Locate The Wasp Nest.
  2. Have A Sturdy Trash Bag On Hand.
  3. Approach The Wasp Nest Carefully After Dusk.
  4. Cover The Wasp Nest With The Trash Bags.
  5. Dispose of the Wasp Nest Far Away From Your Home.

How do I keep wasps off my deck railing?

How to Keep Wasps Away from Your Deck, Porch, and Pool
  1. Hang Decoy Wasp Nests.
  2. Use an Ultrasonic Pest Repeller.
  3. Create a “Wasp Plate”
  4. Add a Water Source.
  5. Cover Your Pool When Not in Use.
  6. Set Up Wasp Traps.
  7. Make a Natural Repellent Spray.
  8. Add the Right Plants to Your Garden.

Why do wasps keep coming to my deck?

Open trash containers also attract flies and other bugs that will attract wasps. If possible, store your trash in the garage or mud room. If it has to stay outside, keep lids on the bins and store them on the opposite side of your home to keep wasps away from your deck.

Does vinegar keep wasps away?

Vinegar and Water Repellent Spray. Combine equal parts vinegar and water in a plastic spray bottle. White distilled vinegar or apple cider vinegar both work equally well for repelling wasps without killing them.

How do I get rid of yellow jackets under my deck?

P.T. P.I is a very fast acting, quick killing aerosol that permeates the nest fast and kills the yellow jackets almost instantly. This product is perfect for when you need to kill the yellow jackets fast because you are in an enclosed area like we were under the deck.

What is the difference between yellow jackets and wasps?

Yellow jackets are actually the common name of a particular type of wasp. Wasps from the Vespula and Dolichovespula genera are called yellow jackets in the US. Yellow jacket species are smaller than other wasps but more aggressive. They’re more likely to sting than other wasps, but their stings hurt less.

Do dryer sheets repel yellowjackets?

Strickley explained that wasps and yellowjackets hate the scent of dryer sheets and said whenever he encounters a problematic mailbox that tends to attract the pests, he’ll pop a sheet inside. He also urged people to leave any sheets in their mailbox if they come across one for the sake of their mail carrier.

How do I get rid of ground hornets under my deck?

Purchase lure traps and hang them in the area that you want to be clear of hornets. Hang the traps 2 to 4 feet (60.96 to 121.92 centimeters) above the ground in an area that is roughly 80 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit (26.67 to 29.45 degrees Celsius). Empty and clean the traps every three to four weeks.

Will wasps return to a sprayed nest?

Once a nest has been thoroughly sprayed with a pesticide, it is best to leave it alone and return to remove it the next day. If there are any surviving hornets or wasps, they will return back to the nest and the residual effects of the spray will eliminate those insects as well.

Are ground wasps aggressive?

Ground wasps can be beneficial or potentially harmful depending on their species. While most types of solitary ground wasps help people by eating pest insects. They generally do not sting and are not aggressive.

Will wasps return to a destroyed nest?

These wasps have likely returned to find other’s of their colony that survived. Once they have gathered, it is common that these wasps will start to rebuild the nest. One other reason wasps will keep coming back is because of pheromones, a chemical that marks the wasp nest location.

What happens if you seal a wasp nest?

Blocking a nest is one of the worst ways to deal with a wasp problem. By doing this, the wasps are confined in a tight space and will quickly become agitated. If blocked in, wasps can chew through plasterboard, wood, and various other materials to find a way out.

Should I remove a wasp nest or leave it?

Wasp nests should always be treated so as to kill off the colony and subsequently removing the nest is also advisable. Although a dormant nest will unlikely be reoccupied, its physical presence can lead to serious structural damage to your home in addition to any damage already caused by these insects.

How long does a wasp nest last?

How long does a wasp nest last? Wasp nests usually last around three to four months during the summer. When we reach the end of summer and temperatures start to drop, so do wasp numbers. The colder weather and lack of food will kill off the nest and the new queens will hibernate ready for the next wasp season.

What month do wasps build nests?

The building of each nest starts in the spring when the fertilised queen wasps emerge from hibernation and search for suitable sites to rear new colonies. This is usually around Easter time but can vary enormously depending on the weather and temperature.

What do wasps do when their nest is destroyed?

Most wasps will die during the fall season with only the queens surviving. The queens leave the nest in fall to find an overwintering spot and go dormant once the nest is no longer viable. There are many ways to adios unwanted wasps near the spaces where you, children or friends and family gather.

What time of day do wasps go away?

Wasps are generally more active during the warmth of the day. They get less active at night and dusk. So, you are more likely to be attacked by a swarm of wasps when it’s daytime and the workers are out and about and more likely to see you as a potential threat.

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