How do you get plastic bolts off a toilet seat? If the bolts or nuts are plastic, they can’t corrode and will come off easily. Simply pry open the cover behind the seat to expose the bolt’s head. Unscrew the bolt with a pliers or a screwdriver while you hold the nut underneath with the pliers.

How do you unscrew a stuck toilet seat? 

How do you remove a hidden screw from a toilet seat? 

How do you tighten a toilet seat with no access underside? In these situations, you can hold the nut in place with a pair of pliers while using the screwdriver to tighten the bolts. The wing located on the nut will prevent the bolt from turning back on itself by locking it in place. Again, keep tightening the bolt until the seat feels secure.


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How do you get plastic bolts off a toilet seat? – Additional Questions

What are the different types of toilet seats?

Toilet seats generally come in a choice of two materials, plastic or wood.
  • Plastic Toilet Seats. Plastic seats are more common.
  • Wooden Toilet Seats. Wooden toilet seats are less able to withstand wear and tear, but they will offer you a warmer seat in the winter!
  • Soft Close Seats.
  • Ultra-Slim Seats.
  • Bidet Seats/Smart Seats.

How do you remove Bemis toilet seat bolts?

How do you remove a metal hinge from a toilet seat?

Removing Older Toilet Seats

The metal bolts are part of the toilet seat hinge hardware. Simply unscrew the nut from the attached bolt. Corroded bolts and nuts are harder to detach. To remove the nut from the seat hinge bolt, use a long socket and socket wrench to unscrew the nut.

How do you remove top fix toilet seat fittings?

How do you remove a metal cap from a toilet seat?

Removing Toilet Bolt Caps

You’ll need a tool with a flat edge that you can work under the cap. A flat-head screwdriver is ideal, especially one with a long handle for better prying, but a metal putty knife or even a kitchen knife will work. Slip the edge of the blade under the cap and pry upward.

How do you open the bolt cover on a toilet seat?

How do you remove a Kohler toilet seat?

How do you remove a Kohler toilet seat with no nut visible bolts?

How do you remove a Kohler quick release toilet seat?

How can I tell which Kohler toilet seat I have?

KOHLER plastic toilet seats have a KOHLER logo molded into the bottom of the toilet seat ring. As of October 2019, most KOHLER plastic toilet seats have the model number and color code printed on the underside of the toilet seat hinge. The seat must be removed from the toilet to view the model number.

How do I know what model toilet seat I have?

Identifying Your Toilet Model
  1. Toilet model numbers are located in a variety of places on the product.
  2. One-piece toilet: The model number is located inside the tank.
  3. Two-piece toilet: Model numbers are found inside the tank and the bowl, and are specific for those parts of the toilet.

What model toilet do I have?

Finding your toilet manufacturer and/or model number: Carefully remove the toilet tank lid and set it gently on the floor, with the bottom facing up. Look for the manufacturer name or a number on the bottom side of the water tank lid.

How do I know what shape my toilet seat is?

Do all toilet seats fit all toilets?

Do all toilet seats fit the same? No, not all toilet seats fit the same because toilets come in a variety of different shapes, so you’ll need to check yours before buying. There are three types of toilet shapes commonly found in UK homes. These are round, D-shape, and square seats.

Do I have a round or oval toilet?

The easiest way to figure out what you have is to measure. Here is a comparison of two typical Caroma toilet seats; remember, if it is approximately 16.5″, you have a round front bowl. If it is approximately 18.5″, you have an elongated bowl.

How do I know if my toilet seat is round or elongated?

Toilet seats are sold by shape (not by length).

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If the length is between 18-19.5 inches, you have an elongated toilet bowl seat. If the length is between 17-17.75 inches, you have a round toilet bowl seat. Notice also that the elongated bowl is shaped more like an oval (egg-shaped).

How often should a toilet be replaced?

Most plumbers agree that an average toilet can last around 50 years. However, this is only when the toilet is well maintained and gently used. If it was improperly installed or frequently misused, it may not last as long.

Can you put a bigger toilet seat on a small toilet?

Elongated bidet seats and round versions share the same rear end where all the internal components are stored. The only difference is found in the length of the actual seat and lid portion. This means that either size bidet seat will be able to mount on either size toilet.

Are plastic toilet seats better than wood?

Wood toilet seats stay warmer and are more comfortable, but can be hard to clean. Plastic toilet seats are easier to keep clean and are more versatile, but can be uncomfortable, especially in the winter.

Do toilet seats have a weight limit?

Average Toilet Seat Weight Limit

A majority of toilet models have a toilet seat weight limit of 300 pounds. That’s why you’ll find most of the toilets in many commercial buildings have cracks because they’re not designed to withstand all kinds of wriggling, even from lightweight users.

Which type of toilet seat is best?

Most people feel that an elongated seat is much more comfortable to use when compared to a round one. However what you get with a round bowl type is better space utilization.

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