How do you fix a deep scratch in a fiberglass tub? 

Can you buff scratches out of a fiberglass tub? Buffing the surfaces with a polishing compound will polish out small scratches. Applying a coat of sealer will help fill any remaining surface scratches, making the finish even smoother. And, finally, rubbing wax onto the sealed surface with a buffing pad will add shine and luster.

Can you get scratches out of bathtub? 

Can you buff out scratches on acrylic tub? Step 2: Buff Out Scratches With a Mild Abrasive

Once your surface is clean, begin removing scratches from your acrylic bath and shower enclosure with a mild abrasive, like toothpaste or a paste of equal parts water and baking soda. Apply just enough abrasive to cover the scratch.


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How do you fix a deep scratch in a fiberglass tub? – Additional Questions

How can I tell if my tub is acrylic or fiberglass?

Look around the tub’s edges and see if it appears thinner; this could be an indication that it is acrylic. Acrylic tubs usually come in more colors than fiberglass tubs, as fiberglass tubs are commonly white. Acrylic also feels warmer to the touch than fiberglass, and tubs made of acrylic have smoother finishes.

Why does toothpaste remove scratches?

Paste-based toothpaste acts as a mild abrasive that levels out the scratch, removing it or making it less noticeable.

Can you polish scratches out of acrylic?

Wet one piece of 600 grit sandpaper – run it over the scratched area in a circular motion and repeat with a dry piece of 600 grit sandpaper too. Rub with both wet and dry sandpapers for around 3 to 3 minutes. Don’t worry if your acrylic looks more frosty or scratched – this will go away during the process. 2.

How do you restore an acrylic bathtub?

How to Re-glaze Acrylic Tubs
  1. Remove any caulk around the perimeter of the tub.
  2. Remove the tub’s drain cover.
  3. Scrub the entire surface of the bathtub thoroughly with a bleach and water solution and a non-abrasive pad to remove dirt, grime and mildew.
  4. Sand the entire surface of the tub with 400-grit or 600-grit sandpaper.

Do acrylic baths scratch easily?

Maintenance. Both materials are fairly easy to clean and require regular light cleaning with mild, non-abrasive cleaning agents. While acrylic tubs may scratch more easily than cast iron, they’re less susceptible to chipping and the cracks may be easily repaired (a feat more complicated in cast iron tubs).

How do you repair an acrylic bathtub?

How do you repair fiberglass?

Here’s how.
  1. Drill a tiny hole at each end of the crack. This will stop the crack from extending any further.
  2. Examine the crack.
  3. Wipe the crack with a dry rag to make sure it’s clean and dry.
  4. Fill the crack with a fair amount of fiberglass epoxy resin, using a plastic applicator.
  5. Let the epoxy dry for a day.
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How long do acrylic bathtubs last?

Acrylic bathtubs are very easy to install and have a lifespan of 10-15 years.

Can you fix a chip in a fiberglass tub?

Fiberglass tubs are generally durable and affordable, but accidents can happen. If you have a small chip in the surface of your tub, you can fix it yourself with an epoxy-based fiberglass repair kit. To get a good color match, purchase tinted epoxy, tint it yourself or paint over the area with a waterproof epoxy paint.

How do you fix nicks in a bathtub?

How do you repair a chip in fiberglass?

How much does it cost to repair a fiberglass tub?

According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost to fix a fiberglass tub can run from $20 to $240. The exact price will depend largely on whether you do the job yourself or hire a professional: A DIY $20 repair can become a $200 repair if you hire someone else to take care of it.

Will Flex Seal tape work on a bathtub?

We do not recommend using Flex Tape to repair the crack in your bathtub. Customers are constantly using the products for purposes beyond their intended use with mixed results. Many people have had success using Flex Seal Liquid on the walls of their bathtubs.

How do I know what kind of bathtub I have?

If you can push in on the side of the tub and there’s some give, then it’s fiberglass or acrylic. Cracks and scratches are common for both fiberglass and acrylic tubs, whereas chips will usually indicate some kind of metal tub.

Does Miracle Method hold up?

With appropriate care and maintenance, Miracle Method refinishing can last up to 15 years or more. The product used creates a chemical bond between old and new surfaces to ensure long-lasting quality.

How much does Miracle Method cost?

Miracle Method Bathtub Refinishing Cost

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The average cost of Miracle Method bathtub refinishing is $500 to $650 for complete tub restoration, and between $1,000 and $1,200 to resurface both the tub and shower tile. The Miracle Method can be matched to any color, lasts 10 to 15 years, and comes with a 5-year warranty.

How long does Miracle Method refinishing last?

With proper care and maintenance, Miracle Method refinishing can extend the useful life of your fixtures for up to 15-20 years or more. Our MM-4 bonding agent creates a chemical bond between old and new surfaces, assuring you long life for your refinished tub.

What product does Miracle Method use?

Miracle Method uses only hi-tech acrylic coatings that are especially formulated for refinishing. Our materials cost a little more, but also produce the best results.

Can you use magic eraser on refinished tub?

What should I use to scrub the refinished bathtub? Abrasive materials like steel wool, steel scourer, wire brushes, sponges with rough or hard faces, or similar should always be avoided. Instead, we recommend the Magic Eraser sponge from Mr. Clean or any soft sponge as an alternative.

What is in a bathtub refinishing kit?

Typical supplies included in these kits are tack rags, stir sticks, etching cleaners, foam rollers, sandpaper, and rubber gloves. That said, not all bathtub refinishers come fully equipped with supplies.

How do you refinish a bathtub yourself?

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