How do you decorate the top of a toilet? 

  1. Go 3-D. When artwork just won’t do, get clever by hanging an unexpected three-dimensional object, like this gorgeous piece of driftwood.
  2. Stylish Hats.
  3. Through the Looking Glass.
  4. Themed Artwork.
  5. Woven Wall Hanging.
  6. Locker Basket.
  7. Eye-Catching Wallpaper.
  8. Seamless Shelving.

How do you style the back of a toilet? 

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when styling the back of your toilet tray.
  1. Get a Nice looking Tray! Let’s start with the biggie here.
  2. Keep Accessories Minimal. You want this to feel decorated, not cluttered.
  3. Add Florals/Greenery.
  4. Raid the Kitchen Aisle at Target.
  5. Candles for the Win.

How can I decorate my toilet? Floating shelves and baskets are the perfect go-to for over the toilet decorating, which you’ll see show up several times in this round-up. Greenery adds color to this neutral farmhouse design with towels for drying your hands, and a modern boho wall hanging.

What do you put on top of toilet walls? Although you may not hang anything or have decor, wall treatments can add color, texture and visual interest. Wall treatments can include wainscoting, wallpaper, tile or a combination. I think adding a wall treatment is great to keep the space above your toilet feeling clean, simple, yet anything but boring.


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How do you decorate the top of a toilet? – Additional Questions

How do you hang art above a toilet?

Choose pieces as wide as the toilet tank to create balance between the two. A tall vertical piece or a combination of pieces hung in a column will help fill the space. Leave enough space between the back of the toilet and your art to display some accessories such as: tissues box, folded towels, a basket etc.

Is it OK to put towel bar over toilet?

Standard towel bars should be 42 to 48 inches above the floor. Hotel-style towel racks (which incorporate towel bars and a top shelf and are usually installed above the toilet) should be at least 48 inches above the floor. Towel or robe hooks should be 70 inches above the floor.

What can I store above my toilet?

The space above your toilet is good for more than just a vase, a roll of toilet paper, or a haphazardly-placed candle. Instead, with the help of some cabinetry, shelving, and baskets, it can become a place to store extra bathroom items, show off decor, and show off your style.

How do you decorate a small toilet?

Where do you hang a shelf above a toilet?

A cabinet or shelf above a toilet should be about 2 feet above the tank. Shelves above a kitchen counter should be about 18″ to 23″, with about 15″ in between shelves.

How high do you hang a picture above a toilet?

What is this? Alternatively, for hanging a picture above a toilet make sure the art is centered approximately 56 to 60 inches from the floor.

What kind of pictures should you hang in a bathroom?

Bathroom art should be able to withstand moist and humid environments. In general photographs, prints, and other works that are professionally framed, with a sealed back, will fare well as bathroom wall hangings, unlikely to mildew or warp.

Do you center picture over toilet or wall?

The most common mistake people make is hanging their pictures too high. Hang your artwork so the center of the picture is at eye level. But of course, “eye level” means different things to different people. As a rule of thumb, position the center of the picture about 5′ 6” above the floor.

Should I put pictures in my bathroom?

Bathrooms, no matter how well ventilated, are subject to steam being circulated and create an environment that isn’t kind to your artwork. Moisture can easily be trapped under glass. Above a fireplace can be a beautiful way to showcase artwork, but the heat and sulfur produced can harm some artworks.

Is it OK to put family pictures in bathroom?

Most art can work in your bathroom as long as you can keep steam buildup to a minimum,” Miller says. “So make a habit of using your exhaust fan and keeping the windows open whenever possible, to let your artwork breathe.”

Is canvas art OK in bathroom?

Generally speaking, it’s okay to display your canvas prints in the bathroom, but you should avoid putting your canvas art too close to the source of humidity. As long as your canvas is a fair distance away from the bath or shower, it will last a good number of years.

Can you hang original art in a bathroom?

All art is good for a bathroom – from prints, to photographs, to paintings, to wallhangings and even sculpture.

Can you put canvas prints in bathroom?

The short answer? Yes, you can. Canvas prints will look fantastic in any room where they’re displayed.

Can you put framed pictures in the bathroom?

Choosing the Right Artwork

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Pictures in a bathroom can look stylish, but you must take your bathroom’s humidity into account. When you hang a picture in the bathroom, moisture can seep through the frame package. If moisture does get in the frame package, then mold will form and ruin whatever you have framed.

Can you hang metal prints in bathroom?

It’s waterproof. That’s right – another byproduct of their construction process is that our Metal Prints are waterproof! That means you can use Metal as outdoor signage or to hang decor in your bathroom without any fear of mold or rusting.

Are metal prints waterproof?

Custom metal prints are durable, scratch-resistant, and waterproof, making them the perfect piece to be hung anywhere. Printing photos on a metal piece will give your photo a striking industrial, modern touch to your walls and they do not require frames.

How do you display metallic prints?

Another easy solution for displaying a metal print on a wall is a display ledge. The ledge mounts to the wall; your print then rests on the shelf and adjacent wall. It’s a classic option for any print and is an excellent choice if you prefer to switch your art display frequently.

Do metal prints need a frame?

Metal Print Advantages

Not only does this give your artwork and photographs a sleek, clean and modern look, it also makes a print instantly available to use. Because a metal print doesn’t need matting, framing or any other kind of preparation, it’s ready to hang the minute you pick it up.

How long do metal prints last?

Classic Metal Prints

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Under normal conditions with some sunlight, these metal prints will not fade for over 200 years. If you displayed them outdoors and exposed to constant direct sunlight, they’ve been tested to last two years without fading, which is still a very long time compared to other types of art!

Do black and white photos look good on metal?

Yes, black and white photos, look great on metal.

Is glossy or matte better for metal prints?

Glossy is the most popular and the most eye-catching. Although there is some glare, this finish brings the most vivid colors out of metal prints. Matte is the most glare free and the lowest in contrast.

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