How do you cut a countertop without chipping the Formica? You can minimize the potential for chipping if you use a finish blade with lots of teeth, making sure the sharp is keen. You can further reduce the chance of chipping by using masking tape along the cut line and cutting through the tape. As with all cutting, measure at least twice and mark the line well and clearly.

What is the best tool to cut Formica? You should not use a utility knife to cut your Formica® laminate sheet. We find that a circular saw and a jigsaw for fine-tuning do a much better job.

How do you cut a laminate countertop without splintering? 

What kind of blade do you cut Formica with? Formica is best cut with a fine-tooth carbide circular saw or jigsaw blade. Always start on the finished side of the Formica, or the side that will show when you’ve finished your installation. If you start cutting from the back side, the saw teeth can leave a chipped or jagged edge on the finished surface.


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How do you cut a countertop without chipping the Formica? – Additional Questions

Do you need a special blade to cut Formica?

What blade should I use to cut laminate countertop? If you use a circular saw, it’s best to use a fine-toothed narrow blade with at least 40 teeth. When it comes to cutting laminate countertop, blades with carbide tips usually last longer than regular steel.

How many teeth do I need to cut laminate?

Blades for Laminate Flooring

In view of this, a thin kerf, 80 to 100 tooth, carbide-tipped blade is most effective for cutting laminates and will last for about 1000 sqft before needing to be re-sharpened.

How do you cut a piece of Formica?

Can I cut Formica with a utility knife?

A utility knife can be used to make scoring cuts on Formica. Formica brand plastic laminate is most commonly used to cover countertops, cabinet doors and drawer fronts. Formica is a leading brand whose name has been synonymous with laminate for decades.

How do you cut Formica with a circular saw?

What is the best way to cut laminate?

Do you cut the tongue off the first row of laminate?

Place the first plank with the tongue side towards the wall, being sure to allow 1/8″ for expansion. We recommend cutting off the tongue on this first row to avoid any problem with the expansion gap.

Can you cut laminate with a jigsaw?

A jigsaw is a real all-rounder when it comes to cutting laminate floors. It’s best used to cut out shapes from your board. For example, when you want to place boards around your toilet or maybe a pillar. Always use a fine toothed blade and have the saw blade spinning before you touch the board.

What type of jigsaw blade do I use to cut laminate countertop?

It’s important to remember that your jigsaw blade only cuts in one direction, up through the material onto the side where your jigsaw is running. Therefore, when cutting laminates, or any material where you want minimal damage, a “Clean for Wood” blade like the T101B should be your choice.

Should I cut laminate face up or down?

Straight Cuts

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The saw blade enters the wood from underneath and emerges from the top, and most chipping happens as it emerges. Following the same principle, you’ll get less chipping to the surface by running laminate boards face up through a table saw because the blade enters that side of the wood first.

What saw blade for cutting laminate countertop?

Simply put, the Festool Laminate 48-tooth saw blade is one of the best blades you can use for cutting laminate. These blades are made specifically for cutting laminate, and they will do the job on even the most robust types of laminate.

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