How do you cover exposed shelves? Idea #1: Hang Curtains to cover Open Shelves

The simpler solution is to hang curtains in front of the shelves. You can let your imagination run wild by going with a fabric and colour of your choice from sheer to printed. Install a curtain rod and hang ready made door curtains.

How do you cover a shelf unit? 

Make your shelving unit blend better with the rest of your interior by covering it.
  1. Curtains With Hook-and-Loop Tape. The simplest way to cover a shelving unit is installing flat-panel curtains on the front with hook-and-loop tape.
  2. Curtains With a Rod.
  3. Use a Slipcover.
  4. Construct a Pair of Doors.

How do you cover wood shelves? 

How do you hide shelves with fabric? Hiding Shelves with Fabric. Attach fabric to your shelves with adhesive strips for an easy solution. Cut a piece of fabric so that it spans the height and width of your shelves. Attach 2 to 3 adhesive strips across the top of your shelves, then stick the top of your fabric onto them.


How do I get rid of little flies around my lights?

How do you cover exposed shelves? – Additional Questions

How do you make open shelves look good?

Styling Tricks for Open Kitchen Shelves
  1. Color-Code. Your things probably aren’t all the same color.
  2. Vary Heights. Keep things interesting by making sure the tops of your kitchen stacks aren’t all the same height.
  3. Aim for Repetition in Your Rows.
  4. Edit Down to the Bare Minimum.
  5. Incorporate Art & Other Pretties.

How do you hang curtains around shelves?

How to Cover Shelves With Curtains
  1. Take Your Measurements. Measure the width of the shelves to get the width of the curtains you need to cover the shelves.
  2. Make Your Mark.
  3. Trace the Screw Holes.
  4. Drill the Holes.
  5. Add the Drywall Anchors.
  6. Attach the First Bracket.
  7. Attach the Second Bracket.
  8. Place the Curtain on the Rod.

How do you cover a bookshelf?

The same materials used as drapes and for curtains works for covering bookshelves. Hang fabrics in loose formats or pull things tight and staple the fabric to the edges of the case for a flat look, covering the shelves, the back or the frame of the bookcase.

How do you cover open shelves in a garage?

One possibility is to use a shower curtain as a cover for garage shelves. Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford suggests covering up shelves in a garage or other rec room with painting drop cloths. Another possibility is to use a tarp to cover up areas of the garage you don’t want to be seen.

How do you hide an open wardrobe?

What can I use instead of wardrobe doors?

The most common types of closet doors are the regular hinged doors, bi-fold doors, wooden sliding doors, and mirror sliding doors.

What do rats hates the most?
  • Curtains.
  • Beads.
  • Pocket Doors.
  • Swinging Doors.
  • Room Dividers.

What is an alternative to bifold doors?

Alternatives to bifolding doors include sliding doors, slide and stack doors, pivot doors and even pocket doors.

What can I use instead of bifold closet doors?

Sliding doors offer sleek functionality with a modern look. Like bifold doors, these are installed on a track in the closet frame, but the door shifts to the side inside the closet instead of folding open.

Is an open wardrobe a good idea?

Open closets are on trend, which is great news for people with small spaces. These highly organized clothing storage systems are great for displaying your wardrobe, making your room feel larger, and eliminating ugly closet doors.

How do you make a closet cover?

How do you hide a cupboard?

How do you organize open shelves in a bedroom?

How do you dress floating shelves?

Are floating shelves still in style?

If you think that floating shelving is a short-lived fad, think again! Centuries-old homes have open shelving incorporated into their kitchens for added style, ease, and function in kitchens all over the world. So there you have it, while there are many opinions about floating shelves, they aren’t going anywhere!

How do you decorate a shelf without cluttering?

Tip 1: Balance smaller pieces with larger accents

If you use too many smaller decor pieces, it ends up looking junky and cluttered. By using larger pieces, you fill space without things looking too cluttered. Balancing decorative pieces of various sizes is good.

How do you style floating ledges?

11 Inspiring Ways to Style Your Floating Shelves
  1. Juxtapose. Save Pin It See More Images.
  2. Focal Point. Save Pin It See More Images.
  3. Backlit Bar. Save Pin It See More Images.
  4. Color Coordinated Bookshelf. Save Pin It See More Images.
  5. Go for Extremes.
  6. Clean and White with a Pop of Color.
  7. Repeat Elements.
  8. More is More.

How do you style a shelf in a living room?

  1. Always start with your top shelf and work your way down. Starting on the top shelf you are going to place decor from one end of the shelf to the other, covering the majority of the shelf.
  2. Once you have your top shelf styled you can move on to the shelf below it.
  3. Repeat.
What can I use instead of tape when painting?

How do you stage a bookcase like a pro?

How do you style staggered floating shelves?

Floating Shelves Staggered

Use shelves with different lengths placed at varying heights. Add more interest by placing longer shelves above shorter ones. Fill the entire wall from floor to ceiling if you have a large collection to display or layer the wall with dimension.

Should you stagger floating shelves?

Stagger your floating shelves for visual interest. Add artwork and objects of different heights and shapes. Again, you barely notice the TV under the shelves — the shelves creatively divert your eye. If your foyer is not roomy enough for a table, install a floating shelf.

How do you decorate a wall with shelves?

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