How do you clean Sperry Top Sider suede? 

Cleaning Suede Sperrys
  1. Start by gently brushing your shoes to remove any dust, debris or dirt.
  2. Then, apply some steam (either using a steamer or a kettle) to further loosen any dirt of debris and raise the nap of the steam from about a foot away.
  3. Re-brush the area with the suede brush to lift the nap.

How do you make sperrys look new? Sperry Flip-Flops

Use a shoe brush or toothbrush to wipe away surface dirt and debris. Mix together a few drops of dish soap and water. Use a microfiber cloth to apply to the solution to the outside and straps of the shoes. Wipe dry with another microfiber cloth.

How do you get stains out of sperrys? Fortunately, this makes cleaning them fairly intuitive. Using either a bucket or spray bottle, fully dunk or spritz your Sperrys with clean, cold water. Next, apply a small amount of mild dish soap to the exterior of the shoes, about a tablespoon per shoe. Then gently scrub the surface of the shoes using your brush.

How do you restore color to sperrys? To restore that subtle satin shine, use a horsehair shoe brush and buff the shoes’ surface. If the cognac color is too dark for your liking, simply use your nubuck brush (rubber bristle side) and gently raise the surface of the leather to lighten. Now put on those new Sperry shoe laces and SMILE.


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How do you clean Sperry Top Sider suede? – Additional Questions

Can sperrys get wet?

While Sperrys aren’t technically waterproof, they are water-friendly and it’s more than OK to get them wet (they were created for slippery boat decks, after all). Your Sperrys can handle water and will eventually dry, with a patina that looks even better than they did pre-soak (in our humble opinion).

Can you machine wash leather sperrys?

Decide how to clean your boat shoes: Genuine leather boat shoes are not like other shoes. You can’t toss these in the washing machine. Using water to clean leather Sperry shoes or other boat shoes is not the best idea. This will degrade the leather and strip the natural oils away.

How do I restore my deck shoes?

What kind of leather does Sperry use?

All four shoes in the collection are made using natural, undyed vegetable-tanned leather. Because it’s left in its natural, undyed state, the leather starts out light pink.

How do you paint boat shoes?

How do you clean Sperry leather laces?

To clean genuine leather shoelaces, just pop them in a bowl with cold water and soap, swish thoroughly, and then rinse with clean water. Allow your laces to air dry for about 24 hours. It’s important to remember that leather should not be treated in the same way you would fabric, nubucks or suedes.

What can I use to clean suede shoes?

Plain white vinegar or rubbing alcohol can easily remove spots without staining the suede. Pour either liquid onto a soft cloth and rub it into the stain. After letting the fabric dry, brush with a dry towel to fluff the suede. To protect your suede belongings in the future, you can purchase a suede protectant spray.

How do you get scuffs out of Sperry boots?

Dirt? Scuffs? Bring it on, duck boots.

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  1. Soak a sponge in warm, soapy water.
  2. Apply to the rubber shell of your duck boots, being careful not to get the leather portion wet.
  3. To clean the leather portion of your duck boots, use our Sperry leather cleaner.

How do you fix hairy suede shoes?

Very gently brush against the surface of the suede to bring the nap of the suede up.
  1. Gently go over more stubborn dirt sections until it is removed.
  2. If the grain is flat, use fine sandpaper to bring the nap back up.
  3. If the nap lifts too much and looks hairy, simply use a cigarette lighter to flame it off.

How do you remove fuzz from suede?

That’s nothing a bit of vinegar or alcohol can’t fix! Rub the suede all over with a white cloth dampened with vinegar or alcohol, then let it dry completely. After it’s dry, fluff up the fabric one last time using the brush. And voila, your suede will look clean, lustrous, and fabulous!

Can you use a brush on suede?

How do you keep suede from cracking?

Once the leather footwear is dry, you can apply a leather conditioner, which will restore flexibility in the fibers and help prevent any cracks from harsh weather. To go about conditioning your shoes, first remove any laces and make sure the boots are completely dry.

How do you make suede look new again?

To restore your suede shoes at home, gently brush them with a suede brush using a back and forth motion, which will clean and restore the nap. You can use a soft-bristle toothbrush if you don’t have a suede brush. If your shoes have stains, try dabbing them with white vinegar. Let the vinegar dry, then brush the area.

What happens to suede when it gets wet?

The nap is made of small leather “hairs” which become stiff and brittle when they get wet, or when they dry after being wet. Brittle hairs are more likely to break off, and once that happens the suede has been permanently damaged.

Can you fix damaged suede?

This will help you begin treating scuff marks and creases. Water damage can only be fixed by adding gentle amounts of water. You can also fix most liquid stains with vinegar and oil stains with cornstarch. Serious damage sometimes cannot be reversed on your own, so take care of your suede to prevent further problems.

How do you restore washed suede?

If you still have stains try mixing equal parts white vinegar and warm water and gently wipe away with a brush (dip the brush into the cleaning solution, not the suede) and blot with a towel to help absorb some of the water. We’ve also used Dawn dish soap with warm water. Take your pick.

How do I get my suede back to original color?

Steps to Restore Suede Dye:
  1. Create a solution of water and mild detergent.
  2. Use the toothbrush or sponge to dip in the water and detergent solution.
  3. Blot the item to remove as much water as possible, then allow it to air dry completely before proceeding.

How do you restore suede after wet?

“When you get home, take a soft horse-bristle brush and brush the suede back and forth like you did with the toothbrush earlier in the day. Next, take a suede eraser and apply light to medium pressure to the entire suede upper.

Is suede ruined by water?

Know that water will not ruin your suede shoes if you take your time letting them dry. Do not wipe, rub, or scrub your suede vigorously. When the soft, delicate hairs get wet they will tense up and become brittle, making them easy to rip off.

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