How do you braid around a charger? 

How do you make a charger wrap? 

How do you wrap an iPhone charger cord? 

How do you tie up a cord? 

How do you decorate a charger?

How do you store Apple Chargers?

An Incredibly Easy Storage Hack To Keep Your iPhone Charger And Headphones Untangled
  1. Unplug your iPhone cable from its USB adapter.
  2. Wrap the iPhone cable using the coil-wrap method to prevent the cable from degrading (fast forward to 1:11):
  3. Pack your EarPods in their original case from Apple (fast forward to 0:27):

How do you wrap cables without cable ties?

How can I keep my charger cord organized?

Use velcro straps, cable ties, or twist ties to keep cords neat and tidy within a desk drawer, basket, or box. This is THE BEST way to keep cords untangled. Label cords: labeling your cords can be a great way to keep them organized and easy to find.

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