How do I protect my patio screen from my cat? 

There are some relatively simple ways to keep your screen door from coming under attack.
  1. Apply a Scratch Deterrent. Spray your screens with a scratch deterrent.
  2. Use a Pet-Proof Screen.
  3. Install a Screen Door Guard.
  4. Add a Sheet of Plexiglas.
  5. Train Your Cat.
  6. Keep Your Cat’s Nails Trimmed.
  7. Create a Scratching Area.

How do you cat proof a window screen? If your window screens are relatively new and rip-free, try to reinforce your screens from the outside if possible. Use duct tape, screws, or nails to ensure the screen stays in place and is not easily knocked out of the window.

Can cats scratch through screens? Cats can be very hard on door and window screens — they like to sharpen their claws on the screen material, and in doing so they tear up the fabric or wire mesh of the screen. It’s essentially impossible to train a cat to stop scratching screens, particularly if more than one screen is involved.

Is there such a thing as cat proof screen? PetScreen: Cat & Dog Resistant Screening

Phifer PetScreen is pet-resistant screening designed to be tear and puncture-resistant to resist damage by most dogs and cats. Ideal for use in high-traffic areas, PetScreen is highly durable making it excellent for use in patio and porch enclosures as well as windows and doors.


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How do I protect my patio screen from my cat? – Additional Questions

Do magnetic screen doors work for cats?

It provides a cat with claws the perfect surface to grip and climb. Eventually the screen rips and tears or large holes open up. Then the bugs come in, and you must replace the whole door. If you have a coiling-type of retractable screen door that uses springs and magnets, then your cat can still win the challenge.

How do I protect my screen from pets?

  1. Screen Grills. Screen grills are simply protective coverings, designed to be placed over the lower portion of your screen door.
  2. Visual Barriers.
  3. Add a Scratch Shield.
  4. Install a Screened Doggie Door.
  5. Replace the Standard Screen with Heavy-Duty Screen.
  6. Replace the Entire Door with a Magnetic Screen Door.
  7. DIY Screen-Grate Door.

What type of screen is best for cats?

Seven times stronger than regular insect screening, Phifer PetScreen is the preferred choice of pet owners. Ideal for areas exposed to heavy wear or potential damage.

What is the best screen for cats?

The 8 Best Cat Window Guards & Screens
  1. DocaScreen Pet Screen – Best Overall.
  2. PAWISE Protection Net for Cats – Best Value.
  3. KidCo Mesh Window Guard – Premium Choice.
  4. Pet Proof Window Screen Replacement Kit – Best for Kittens.
  5. YOKMO Cat Balcony Rail Net.
  6. Fairy Baby Window Guards.
  7. Clear Pet Window Sill Protector.

Can cats rip through window screens?

It’s also tempting for cats to try to climb window screens. Doing that, they’re likely to tear through the delicate mesh, creating just enough space to slip through—or, at the very least, opening up your home to unwelcome guests.

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