How do I get the black off my bounce house? 

Can bounce houses get mold? If your bounce house is still damp when you store it, it’s a potential breeding ground for mold and mildew. So fully cleaning and drying your bounce house before putting it in storage is arguably the number one thing you can do to keep it in good condition.

Can I use bleach on bounce house? DO NOT use bleach or bleach-based products to disinfect your bounce house. Bleach causes color fading and can damage the vinyl. Bleach should ONLY be used if mold and mildew are present (click here for our guide on removing mold and mildew). Use the wipes to wipe down areas where hands or faces go.

What can you use to clean bounce houses? 


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How do I get the black off my bounce house? – Additional Questions

How do I clean and sanitize a bounce house?

The Bounce House Rentals Sanitization Process. At first, we thoroughly wash the whole bounce house with water to wipe out all the dirt. Then we vacuum-clean all the hidden areas. After that, we use high-grade disinfectants and cleaners all over the inflatables to achieve a bacteria and virus-free surface.

How do you get mold out of an inflatable pool?

Any spray bottle of bathroom or kitchen cleaner will work too. I recommend something that uses bleach or has a sanitizer in it. Mix a 1/2 cup of bleach for every 6 cups of water or so. You can make this solution stronger if you have a lot of mildew build up on the pool.

Can you use a pressure washer to clean a bounce house?

Yes, you can pressure wash a bounce house to clean it. Set the pressure washer to its lowest setting and be careful not get the pressure washer too close to the bounce house material.

How do you clean inflatable decorations?

How to Clean Holiday Inflatables. To clean the inflatable, wipe it with a damp cloth, such as an all-purpose cleaning cloth. Use a small amount of mild dishwashing soap if necessary and wipe again with clean water to remove the soap. Make sure the inflatable is clean and let it air dry thoroughly before storing it.

What kind of cleaner is simple green?

Simple Green Industrial Cleaner & Degreaser (original and lemon scent) is a powerful all-purpose cleaner and degreaser that provides a safer alternative to caustic cleaners, bleaches & solvents. The trusted formula is non-abrasive and with a mild alkaline pH.

How do you dry a wet bounce house?

The bounce house will need to be set up to air and sun dry for 4 to 6 hours. When letting it air dry, make sure and remove any standing water and partially open the zipper holes. This allows the moist are to escape.

What happens if bounce house gets wet?

Yes, bounce houses can get wet without causing damage to them. Most bounce houses are designed to handle small amounts of water, enough to clean them at least. If you’re not using a bounce house built for water, it’s probably not made for large amount of water. But a spray from the hose or a drizzle of rain won’t hurt.

How do you get water out of inflatables?

How do you get mold out of a inflatable kayak?

It’s also possible for your kayak to grow some icky black mildew on it. To get rid of that and the musty smell that can accompany it, spray your kayak with vinegar and let it sit out in the sun to dry. The vinegar will kill the mold spores and remove any fetid odor.

How do you dry and store inflatable water slides?

Store in a cool dry place.

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Once the water slide is completely dry and deflated, carefully fold and store in the bag provided. We recommend a cool dry place to avoid any damage to the material as well as to prevent mold and mildew from forming.

How do you care for an inflatable water slide?

How do you Maintain an Inflatable Water Slide?
  1. Step 1 – Perform a visual inspection.
  2. Step 2 – Rinse the Slide while it’s still inflated.
  3. Step 3 – Re-rinse thoroughly once the slide’s deflated.
  4. Step 4 – Disinfect the slide with bleach-free disinfectant.
  5. Step 5 – Dry the inflatable water slide.

How do you clean vinyl inflatables?

Use a good soap like a specific vinyl cleaner or a mild dish detergent and wash the unit with a towel or mop. Pay close attention to the areas with excess dirt and debris! Then give it a good rinse with a hose and let it air dry (use a towel to dry any excessively wet areas).

How do you dry inflatables?

Turn off the blower, deflate the water slide, and roll it up. Take out the slide on the next day and hose or wash it off. Dry puddles with towels and wipe the Velcro areas. Water drops will air-dry.

Can inflatable water slides be used dry?

Inflatable combos can be used wet or dry, as long as they do not rely on the weight of water in the splash area for added stability. While home-use slides are not quite as slick when they are used without water, you can easily remedy this by sliding in sweat pants and socks.

How do you clean a slip and slide?

How much water do inflatable water slides use?

How much water does an inflatable water slide use? A water slide typically uses about 3 litres of water per minute.

Does a bounce house use a lot of electricity?

The good news is that despite the size of the blower and the loud sound it makes it doesn’t require much electricity to run. It will cost approx. $0.16 per hour to run a medium size bounce house blower.

Do inflatable water slides need constant water?

ACCESS TO WATER: In order to use a water slide, you will need access to continuous water during the entire time of the rental.

Do inflatable water slides recirculate the water?

Most of the rental services these days offer to recycle the water used. It stops wastage and helps in regulating the water bill as well. To run the water, you also need an ample amount of electricity. Discuss all these factors with the rental company before organizing the event.

How many gallons per minute does a water slide use?

Water Supply:

What setting to wash white clothes?

The slides require 15-20 gallons of water per minute per slide flume to operate properly.

What is the most durable inflatable water slide?

Then you’ll get a look at some of the best inflatable water slide options on the market.
  • BEST OVERALL: Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Slide.
  • BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: BOUNTECH Inflatable Water Slide.
  • BEST UPGRADE: Blast Zone Pirate Bay Water Slide.
  • BEST FEATURES: WELLFUNTIME Inflatable Water Slide Park with Pool.

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