How do I display a collection of items? 

12 Creative Ways to Display Your Collected Items
  1. Piled in a Mesh Basket. Save Pin It See More Images.
  2. Hung from the Ceiling. Save Pin It See More Images.
  3. In Small Vignettes.
  4. Hung Like a Gallery Wall.
  5. Peppered Into Existing Displays.
  6. In a Vintage Printer’s Tray.
  7. Haphazardly Stacked.
  8. In Repurposed Chemistry Sets.

How do you display knick knacks without looking cluttered? 

Cubby bookcases are close enough to the traditional that no one really pays attention to them, but they also allow extra storage for displaying books and knick knacks on a low-key level.

  1. Cork boards.
  2. Magnets.
  3. Poster frames.
  4. Shadow box frames.
  5. Scrapbooks.
  6. Hanging baskets.
  7. Jewelry displays.
  8. Shelves, shelves, and more shelves.

How do you show your memorabilia? 

Creative Ways to Display Your Memorabilia
  1. Tabletop frame – Perfect for smaller, flatter items, like stamps or antique oil paintings, a tabletop frame is a functional and stylish way to show off your memorabilia.
  2. Clear boxes – Like a tabletop frame, the boxes allow you to see your memorabilia at all times.

How do you display family memorabilia? In general, there are three places you can place mementos: on the wall, on a shelf, or on a table. While your initial instinct might be to put photos on the wall, don’t be afraid to mix it up and display them on a shelf or table.


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How do I display a collection of items? – Additional Questions

How do I show collections without looking cluttered?

When you’re displaying collections of items on a surface like a coffee table, dresser or counter, try to corral them together. I love using trays, baskets and glass jars for this purpose. It makes such an interesting presentation and keeps them from getting scattered around and messy-looking.

How do you display figurines without looking cluttered?

Use Floating Shelves

Shelves or photo ledges work well with larger items that don’t belong on a wall, like globes, sea shells or vintage bottles. Even toy figurines can look surprisingly sophisticated when lined up neatly on a shelf. Bonus: Little fingers can still easily reach them at play time.

How do I display family heirlooms?

10 Creative New Uses for Family Heirlooms
  1. Turn old silverplate sets into kitchen pulls.
  2. Turn mismatched silverplate into a funky flatware pendant.
  3. Turn vintage hankies into a rag quilt.
  4. Turn old linens into a no-sew tea towel pillow.
  5. Turn vintage doilies into framed art.

What can I do with old family memorabilia?

What to Do with That Box of Memorabilia Sitting in Your Closet
  1. Your children’s (or grandchildren’s) artwork or schoolwork.
  2. Family keepsakes that have been handed down through generations.
  3. Ticket stubs, trip itineraries, or other evidence of your travels over the years.
  4. Letters from loved ones.

How do you organize family memorabilia?

What do you do with childhood keepsakes?

How to Declutter Keepsakes & Memories
  1. Step 1: Ditch the Guilt. Dealing with keepsakes and memories items can make you feel a lot of guilt.
  2. Step 2: Use It or Lose It. One of the best ways to honor someones memory and enjoy keepsake items is to use them!
  3. Step 3: Take a Picture.
  4. Step 4: Set Space Limits.

How do you purge sentimental items?

From focusing on the memory to understanding how you can help those in need, these steps will help you rid yourself of sentimental clutter.
  1. Rid Yourself of Guilt.
  2. Let Vulnerability In.
  3. Take Pictures.
  4. Ask Yourself Focused Questions.
  5. Donate Clothing and Home Goods.
  6. Donate to Archives or Local History Museums.

Should you keep sentimental items?

If you have any guilt or other negative emotion connected to an item, do not keep it. Sentimental items to keep include things that are significant, can be used or displayed and do not bring up any guilt or other negative emotions. If this is the case, set the item in the keep pile.

How do you declutter sentimental items?

7 Tips to Help You Get Rid of Sentimental Things
  1. Start With an Easy Space.
  2. Remember, You Are Getting Rid of the Item and Not the Memory.
  3. Find Closure by Using the Item One Last Time.
  4. Keep Items That Bring You Joy — and Only Those Items.
  5. Take Time to Recognize Items That Are Truly Meaningful.
  6. Digitize Memories.

How do you let go of old clothes?

16 Genius Tips For Getting Rid Of Old Clothes
  1. Take Everything Out And Look At Each Item Individually.
  2. Make Piles To Stay Organized.
  3. Start With The Obvious Stuff.
  4. Try Everything You Want To Keep On.
  5. Ask Yourself Two Questions About Each Piece Of Clothing.
  6. Make A Maybe Box.
  7. Have A Specific Place For Mementos.

How do I let go of old photos?

Follow those steps to make the most of your memories with photos.
  1. Sort through your items and place them in categories.
  2. Let go of any items that don’t bring you happy memories.
  3. Take a picture of the items.
  4. Tell your story.
  5. Organize your story for each photo in a binder or on your computer.

Should you keep old yearbooks?

High school yearbooks are definitely worth keeping, and they should earn a permanent spot on your bookshelf. Not only do they have special photos from high school, but you also probably got your yearbook signed by your classmates.

What should I do with my parents yearbook?

You can look for alumni groups online to see if anyone is interested in your yearbooks. Otherwise, check your local recycling rules to see if you can recycle it. If you only have a few pages you’d like to keep from a yearbook, but not the whole book, you could put together a scrapbook of your favourite memories.

How do you let go of old school notes?

What to do with old papers from school
  1. Toss anything you won’t need again. Be ruthless here.
  2. Toss all duplicates.
  3. Toss anything that you absolutely know.
  4. Toss old essays and writing assignments.
  5. Keep quizzes and tests before the final exam.
  6. Keep papers that sincerely bring you joy.
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What do people do with their old high school yearbooks?

Yearbooks are tangible memories that we keep.

10 Smart Ways to Dispose of Old Yearbooks

  • Give your friends. Maybe all your friends didn’t buy yearbooks in high school because they couldn’t afford them or just didn’t want them.
  • Your school library.
  • Sell it.
  • Thrift it.
  • Make gift tags.
  • Turn it into art.
  • Museums.
  • Genealogy groups.

How can I get old yearbooks for free? has a nice collection of yearbooks, and they are completely free to search and to view.

Are high school yearbooks copyrighted?

Yearbooks published before March 1, 1989 are no longer copyright protected. Resellers have clear access to them. If there is no copyright notice in a yearbook or if there is and the owner of it is not the school, the school is not the owner of that book if nothing else suggests the school owns the rights to the book.

Who owns the copyright on a school yearbook?

This is because yearbook staff members own the works they create, and grant one-time permission to the publication to print the works. Contract photography studios similarly retain the copyrights in the headshots they provide.

Are school yearbooks public domain?

Because the yearbooks were sold, they are considered “published” and the photos in the yearbooks will also be considered published. Any yearbook published between 1923 and 1977 that has no copyright notice in the work is in the public domain.

Can you use logos in yearbooks?


Is a school yearbook a legal document?

As the recent Senate confirmation hearings for the U.S. Supreme Court demonstrated, yearbooks are documents that can go beyond casual nostalgia, writes John R. Thelin.

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