How can I raise my bed without a bed riser? Bed riser alternatives include bookshelves or dressers, cinder blocks, lofting kits, chains, and wooden pallets. You can raise a bed by putting it directly on top of bookshelves or dressers, cinder blocks, or wooden pallets.

How can I raise my bed off the floor? 

Let’s take a look at each of them.
  1. Use Bed Risers. Using bed risers is the most common way to make your bed taller.
  2. Use a Bed Wedge. Bed wedges are adjusters that fit under the head of your bed.
  3. Use a Mattress Topper.
  4. Add Wheels to Your Bed Frame.
  5. Switch to an Adjustable Bed Frame.
  6. Use a Mattress Foundation.

How do you raise an elderly bed? 

How To Raise A Bed For An Elderly Person
  1. You can use bed risers like these to raise the frame of the bed. Some of these you can stack to fit your needs.
  2. You can use a mattress topper on top of the existing mattress.
  3. Of course, you can also switch out the existing bed frame for a new, higher one as well.

How can I raise my platform bed higher? 

Raising Mattress Height on a Platform Bed
  1. Find four lumber cubes of four to five inches.
  2. Using a large drill bit, drill a half-inch (or three-quarters inch) hole into the center of each block.
  3. Secure the bed frame’s posts into your risers!
  4. Note that risers also come in plastic form.


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How can I raise my bed without a bed riser? – Additional Questions

What do you do if your bed is too low?

If you’re nodding along to any of these, let’s discuss some ways to raise your low bed.
  1. Fly Higher with Risers. Bed risers are a simple and cost-effective way to raise the top of your bed.
  2. Top Off Your Mattress With a Mattress Topper.
  3. Put Your Bed on Wheels.

How do you make a bed riser?

Why are platform beds so low to the ground?

Platform beds have a very modern, hotel-like feel. Platform beds typically have slats, so they don’t require a boxspring. This is partly why they are lower to the ground. Sometimes the mattress sits level to the edge of the bed, and it can also be more sunken in to the frame.

Are bed risers safe to use?

As long as they are made with sturdy materials and properly installed, bed risers are perfectly safe to use.

Can you put an adjustable bed on risers?

Many people today debate on which type of bed to purchase for their home – regular beds or adjustable beds. With a Yaasa adjustable bed, you can use their leg risers or put the Yaasa bed frame within a bed frame you already have at home. Adjustable bed frames for the homes have risen to a whole new height.

Can you add legs to a platform bed?

Attaching the legs is easy. Simply line up the legs with the outside corners of the bed frame and screw through the corner supports into the top of the leg blocks. Use at least 2 screws. You could easily attach a different type of foot to the bed in the same manner.

Do platform beds hurt your back?

Platform beds do not offer any significant direct benefit for your back. However, they provide excellent support for your mattress and make sure it lasts for a long time. Thus, they support your back indirectly. Almost any type of mattress can be used on a platform bed, but they are perfect for memory foam mattresses.

What’s the difference between a platform bed and regular bed?

WHAT IS A PLATFORM BED? A platform bed is a type of bed frame that supports your mattress without the need for a box spring. Unlike traditional bed frames, platform beds are closer to the ground, and typically lift your bed about 12 inches off the ground.

Can you attach legs to a boxspring?

In order to add legs, start by flipping the box spring over so the underside is facing up. Then, go ahead and secure a leg plate to each corner. Do this by cutting tiny screw holes through the fabric, drilling pilot holes, and then screwing the plates onto the corners.

How can I turn my bed into a platform bed?

Here’s How
  1. Remove the mattress and box spring. Dispose of the box spring.
  2. Measure the distance between the edges of the bed frame.
  3. Cut a 1 x 4 pine board to this length.
  4. Insert the boards into the bed frame, leaving gaps between boards of about 1 1/2 to 2 inches.
  5. Place the mattress on the new slat platform.
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Can a box spring go directly on the floor?

Yes, it’s perfectly fine to place a box spring on the floor. In fact, it may even provide better ventilation as opposed to leaving your mattress directly on the ground.

What can you use instead of box spring?

What to Use Instead of Box Springs? (Top 9 Alternatives)
  • Platform Bed.
  • Under Mattress Slats.
  • Wood Slat Foundation.
  • Hybrid Mattress.
  • Innerspring Mattress.
  • Memory Foam.
  • Adjustable Bed.

How can I support my bed without a box spring?

Instead of a boxspring, go with a platform bed or solid, premium wood foundation as a way of protecting your mattress investment. Doing so is even more important if you’re buying a bed that’ll last you years and years, like a natural latex mattress.

Can you use a piece of plywood instead of a box spring?

Note that both plywood and bunkie boards can be used as alternatives to box springs…it really depends on your mattress. You can also use either one on top of a box spring to reduce some of the squeakiness.

How do you make a homemade box spring?

Can you use plywood instead of bed slats?

Replacing bed slats with plywood is a viable option. Plywood can support your mattress, and if yours is older and perhaps sagging, the plywood will act as a stopgap measure.

Do people still use box springs?

Over a decade ago, a box spring was essentially required when buying a new mattress. Today, that’s not necessarily the case. Most modern mattresses including mattresses in a box do not require a box spring.

How much does a Bunkie board cost?

The cost of bunkie boards ranges between $50 and $150. The size of the bed will cause the cost to increase.

What can I use instead of a bunkie board?

Standard bunkie board alternatives include slats, plywood, standard box springs, low profile box springs, and split bunkie boards. Depending on the type of bed and mattress you have, one of these bunkie board alternatives may be a better choice for you than a standard bunkie board.

Can I use a bunkie board instead of slats?

A bunkie board can also replace slats when the amount of weight to be put on the bed can be supported by a bunkie board, or when you have a very thin mattress that wouldn’t be comfortable to use with slats.

Do bunkie boards cause mold?

A bunkie board is the best foundation type for memory foam mattresses because they provide a high level of support for the foam core. However, a flat bunkie board will reduce the mattress’s breathability, which may lead to moisture and mildew buildup within the mattress.

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