How can I insulate my window air conditioner? Tape a plastic bag around the unit and return the outer cover. Alternatively, you can buy a fabric cover designed to fit a window AC. Place the cover right over the unit’s outside cover to protect it from precipitation like heavy rains and snow. Thankfully, the fabric covers are available in most hardware stores.

How do you insulate a window unit for winter? 

What do you put around a window air conditioner? To get the perfect seal on the outside of the unit, use exterior caulk all around the perimeter. An alternative to weather stripping is spray foam insulation. The kind you get in a tube from Lowe’s or Home Depot. If you never plan to remove your window air conditioner, it’s fine to apply directly.

Should you cover a window air conditioner for winter? After the air conditioner is dry, you can prevent rainwater from entering it by protecting its exterior with a fitted cover or plastic sheeting. Some manufacturers recommend leaving the exterior uncovered so that moisture can evaporate with natural airflow.


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How can I insulate my window air conditioner? – Additional Questions

How do you make a window air conditioner cover?

Can I leave my window air conditioner outside in the winter?

The unit should be stored indoors, and ideally in an attic or basement. Don’t store a unit outside, as that further subjects it to the elements. It needs to be kept in a dry environment, and preferably a warm one as well.

Should you cover your air conditioner?

CONCLUSION. Covering your air conditioner, especially with a full-length cover, leads to issues of mold, rust, and other problems. Your unit is made to withstand the snow and a cover is not needed for protection. It is recommended to only cover your AC during the fall months.

Is an air conditioner cover necessary?

Covering your air conditioner will prevent moisture from escaping from your unit. Air conditioners were built to be free and wild in the open- To allow for wind to blow away the moisture. Moisture and dust build-up is a recipe for mold infestations that will reduce your air conditioner’s efficiency.

How do I protect my air conditioner from ice?

The best way to prevent damage from snow and ice build-up is to keep the space around your unit clear. After a large snowstorm, or during if you are expecting feet of snow, you can clear a space that is at least 18 inches all around the unit. In addition, keep the top and sides of the unit uncovered.

Are mesh air conditioner covers a good idea?

A mesh cover allows for proper airflow so it can be left on while the unit is running. Mesh covers also protect from the sun. This is beneficial for two reasons — your air conditioner will remain looking like new and it will keep the unit cooler, making its job of cooling your house easier.

How do I seal my wall air conditioner for the winter?

Secure them using bungee cords or duct tape, and be sure to completely wrap the exposed portion of your wall air conditioner. If you have a larger unit, you may need to use multiple pieces of plastic or several smaller tarps to adequately cover the entire unit.

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