Can etch marks be removed from marble? When a polished marble countertop has only a few etch marks, it’s often possible to restore the shine for $10 $15 by rubbing with a soft cloth and a paste made of water and a marble polishing powder, such as Miracle Sealants’ Water Ring & Etch Remover or M3 Technologies’ Majestic Etch Remover.

Does baking soda remove etching from marble? Baking soda will not etch marble. It’s probable that what he was seeing was white residue left over from the baking soda. (If it were not, our first concern would be that he had scrubbed the baking soda and scratched the finish. If he had, then we would have needed to re-polish the area.)

Can etched marble be repaired? ANSWER: Etched marble is repaired by repolishing or refinishing the damaged surface. How it’s done depends on the type of finish and the severity of etching.

What is the best etch Remover for marble? Stonecare PRO Signature ETCH REMOVER and Marble Polish is simply the best etch remover and marble polish available on the market. If it does turn out that the etch is too severe and you do have to contact a PRO you haven’t invested much and you can always keep it handy to polish out any minor etching that does occur.


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Can etch marks be removed from marble? – Additional Questions

Can you use baking soda on marble?

Sprinkle a little baking soda onto the surface of the marble. Gently rub the baking soda into the marble with a soft, damp cloth. You do not want to scrub because that can damage the surface. Then rinse with water and dry with a soft towel.

How do you remove vinegar etching from marble?

  1. Blot any vinegar that remains on the marble countertop or floor.
  2. Make a paste using baking soda and water.
  3. Dampen the surface of the marble above the stain with pure water.
  4. Apply the paste over the spill.
  5. Cover the paste with plastic wrap.
  6. Tape the edges down with painter’s tape to make it as air-tight as possible.

How do you remove etching from natural stone?

If you are wondering how to remove etch marks from marble, granite, or other natural stone, then polishing is the only solution. Polishing natural stone can do the trick of restoring the etch mark.

What cleaner can be used on marble?

5 Safe Cleaning Products for Marble You Can Count On
  • #1: Good Old Soap and Water. One of the easiest and best ways to keep stone surfaces clean is with a mixture of warm water and gentle dish soap.
  • #2: Hydrogen Peroxide Solution.
  • #3: Baking Soda Paste.
  • #4: Specialty Stone Cleaners.
  • #5: Microfiber Cloths.

What is best marble cleaner?

Top 15 Marble Floor Cleaner Choices
Purpose Cleaner
Best for All Surfaces Black Diamond Stoneworks Marble & Tile Concentrated Cleaner
Best for Everyday Use Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Multi-Surface Cleaner
Best for Natural Stone Granite Gold Stone & Tile Floor Cleaner
Best for Oil and Grease StoneTech Oil Stain Remover
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How do you use Miracle water Ring and etch remover?

  1. Completely remove waxes, coatings or finishes from stone surface prior to application of Miracle Sealants Water Ring & Etch Remover.
  2. Apply with floor machine (175 rpm,150 lbs) and a white pad.
  3. Work in small sections.
  4. Buff for one to two minutes or until desired polish is achieved.

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