Are cooking utensils repairable BDO? You can repair the durability of a cooking utensils/alchemy tools installed in your residence near your character by pressing the “Repair” ( ) button. – You must have the appropriate repair tools in your inventory to repair the durability of thec ooking utensils/alchemy tools.

Can you repair Supreme cooking utensil? – It can be installed in a residence. – How to Repair: Press the “Repair” button of the Supreme Alchemy Tool installed in your residence, which will consume Lomerun’s Supreme Alchemy Repair Tool x1 in your inventory to repair all of its durability.

How can I get cooking utensil in BDO? You will need to get a cooking utensil to place in your residence. You can buy it from the Marketplace or make it in a Tool Workshop. However, one of the easiest ways to get it, is to buy it from David Finto in Velia.

Where can I buy alchemy tool in BDO Velia? 

  • You can buy Alchemy Tool from the following NPCs:
  • Akan in Olvia 5,000. NPCs Balenos Olvia General Goods Vendor Akan.
  • Bionier 5,000. NPCs General Goods Vendor Bionier.
  • Julietta in Olvia 5,000. NPCs Balenos Olvia General Goods Vendor Julietta.
  • Eileen in Velia 5,000.
  • Clorince in Velia 5,000.


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How do you AFK in BDO alchemy?

What tools do alchemists use?

Components. Alchemist’s supplies include two glass beakers, a metal frame to hold a beaker in place over an open flame, a glass stirring rod, a small mortar and pestle, and a pouch of common alchemical ingredients, including salt, powdered iron, and purified water. Arcana.

Where is advanced alchemy tool in BDO?

It can be modified using Alchemy or further Processing.

  1. – Region: Balenos.
  2. – Node: Velia.
  3. – Contribution Points: 1.
  4. – All Houses in Velia 5-1. Storage. Refinery. Mineral Workbench. Residence.

How do you make tool in little alchemy?

  1. metal + human.
  2. steel + human.
  3. human + wood.
  4. stone + human.
  5. human + rock.
  6. metal + wood.
  7. steel + wood.
  8. stone + wood.

How do you do alchemy in BDO?

A basic Alchemy Tool can be bought from an Alchemist for 5,000 silver, crafted using a Tool Workshop or bought from the Central Market. After you have acquired a alchemy tool and placed it in your house, you can interact with it by pressing the R button to open the alchemy window.

Where is Velia in BDO?

Velia is the main city in the Balenos Region. It is a fishing town with a port and a trading area.

How do you whale hunt in BDO?

Hunting Humpback Whales

You must have a fishing boat, hunting musket, and a butchering knife. The hunting XP is looted off the dead whale when you butcher it so only one person can get it (only the butcher get the hunting XP). This activity can be done solo at any level as the whales do not fight back.

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How do you make Balenos meal?

> There is a slight chance of obtaining Balenos Special when making Balenos Meal if your cooking level is Artisan Lv.


  1. To craft Balenos Meal, use Cooking (Skilled 6) with:
  2. 1 Cheese Gratin 25,800.
  3. 1 Meat Croquette 30,700.
  4. 1 Smoked Fish Steak 4,210.
  5. 2 Stir-Fried Vegetables 6,600.

How do I get a chest in BDO?

Golden Treasure Chests are opened using a Gold Key, which are obtained by exchanging 100 Silver Keys at Morco (Day Vendor). The chests have long and random timer of anywhere between 12 – 18 hours.

Where do I use chromatic keys?

* The [Event] Chromatic Key can be sold to NPC Vendors for 100,000 silver. ② While holding the [Event] Chromatic Key in your inventory, interact (R) with the Treasure Chest that appears in Velia to open it!

What are keys for BDO?

What do you do with gilded coral BDO?

During the event period, items that can be sold for Silver have a chance at dropping when killing monsters, gathering, or fishing! * The event items cannot be obtained from Water Scooping, Digging with a Shovel, or Milking. 2.

Event I – Gold Rush.

Item Name Selling Price
Gilded Coral 10,000,000 Silver

Where can I buy coral in BDO?

Can you drown BDO?

Diving and Underwater Swimming:

Drowning by loosing breath, will not kill your character, but you will loose all ability to control your character. Swimming and floating on the surface consumes Stamina. At 0 Stamina, you will loose all ability to move and will be stuck.

How do you cut a mat without a mat cutter?

Can you swim in Black Desert online?

And now, we have even more to explore! Today we got the BDO underwater ocean content. We can now swim underwater and explore new fish, plants and terrain. For a quick look, watch my video below.

How do you make Jade Coral ingots?

How do you make a frigate?

Is Jade a coral?

What is Coral Jade? Coral Jade is a gemstone formed by fossilized corals. Due to crustal movement and volcanic eruptions, corals on the seabed are buried deeply below the ground.

What is Jade Coral ingot used for?

– Description: A processed natural ingredient used for crafting. It can be changed to a different form through alchemy or processing. It can be obtained by heating Titanium Ore.

How do you make a sailboat in Epheria?

The only place you can craft the Epheria sailboat is in the shipyard at Port Epheria. You need to invest 12 contribution points to gain access to the shipyard and then upgrade it to level 3 to be able to produce the sailboat design.

Where can I buy a frigate in black desert?

At Philaberto Falasi of Port Epheria, you can exchange a Epheria Sailboat Design with Epheria Frigate design or vice versa. Requires quest, “[Daily] Falasi Family’s Kindness.”

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