Are arched cabinet doors outdated? The cabinet door styles we predict won’t return to popularity any time soon, include double arched doors (shown below), some single arched doors, (especially flat-top arch and bell arch), and back panel doors. As far as cabinet materials go, ash stands out as a wood species that was fairly popular in the 90’s.

How do you make an arched cabinet door? 

Can you get curved doors? Adding a premium touch to a room, these curved kitchen doors have a rounded design and a soft edge producing a high-end look in any scheme. Often used on the end of a row of cubpoards, these curved kitchen unit doors can also be used for a statement look when completing an island.

What are Cathedral cabinets? Cathedral style shows the top of the cabinet panel moving up into a rounded arch. A double arch gets included on both the top and bottom of the cabinet panel. The arch creates a beautiful shadow effect with some extra dimension.

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What are the different styles of kitchen cabinet doors?

The three main cabinet door types include:
  • Partial overlay. This design is considered the industry standard for cabinet door types.
  • Full overlay. Full-overlay cabinets are typically paired with slab cabinet door styles.
  • Inset cabinet doors. For traditional cabinets, inset doors are the best option.

What style kitchen cabinets are in style?

Kitchen Cabinet Styles and Trends
  • Dark Finishes. Dark blue kitchen cabinets look clean and handsome.
  • Exotic Color-Block. Alternative wood can be used for kitchen cabinets to give any space an exotic look.
  • Shaker Style.
  • Flat Fronts.
  • The Natural Look.
  • Cottage Chic.
  • Keep It Concealed.
  • Hidden Space.
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