Are any Precious Moments worth anything? If you have a Precious Moments figurine sitting in your house, take note: It could be worth some serious cash today. According to Today, the Precious Moments figurines from the “Original 21” collection that was released in 1979 are considered vintage collectibles and could be worth up to $750.

How do you clean expensive figurines? The standard procedure used by many involves filling a bowl with warm water and a very mild dishwashing liquid. Dip a very soft cloth into the water and gently clean the porcelain figurine until it’s free of dirt. Always remember to use a lint free cloth.

Are Precious Moments worth anything without the box? Although not a big factor in value, expect to lose between 5% and 20% of the value of a Precious Moments figurine if you are missing the original box. Note that box condition is less important than figurine condition.

How do you clean dust off figurines? The most important thing to remember is to use care when removing surface dust. The best way to clean dust from your porcelain figurines is to use a hair blower or a small, soft-bristled artist’s or basting brush.


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Can I clean figures with alcohol?

Do not use hot water since it may deform your figures. Do not use any product with bleach or alcohol since that can damage the paint. Use a mix of Q-tips and microfiber cloth to do the hardcore cleaning. And pat dry.

How do I keep my figure dust free?

How do you maintain figurines?

How To Take Care of your Action Figures
  1. Keep Away from Sunlight. Direct sunlight can cause the plastic or the paint of the action figures to peel.
  2. Remove Dust Regularly. If it’s a relatively new action figure, set a schedule to dust and clean your action figures.
  3. Keep them at the Right Temperature.
  4. Washing.
  5. Dry Overnight.

How do you keep action figures in good condition?

Your figures should always be stored in a room temperature, dry space that is out of direct sunlight, and they should be dusted and cleaned regularly. For added protection, you can even purchase special action figure storage solutions.

Will indirect sunlight damage figures?

YES! The fact that you can see something means light is bouncing off of it. If light is bouncing off of it then it is affecting it. However indirect light will affect it at a slower rate than direct light.

How do you protect a statue from dust?

How do I keep my figurines clean?

  1. Fill a container with lukewarm water.
  2. Optional: Disassemble your figurine.
  3. Soak your figurine (or figurine pieces) in the water for about 5 minutes.
  4. Squirt (or rub) soap on a new, soft-bristled toothbrush and begin gently brushing the figurine.
  5. Rinse all the soap off the figurine using warm water.

How do I prevent dust in my display cabinet?

Stop the dust from entering by adding a second line of defence – a strip of soft rubber seal attached to the inside of one glass panel. Position the seal so it bridges the opening. You can find these thin rubber or brush strips (called flanges) in DIY shops.

How do you get dust out of doll hair?

How do you bring a doll’s hair back to life?

Combine 2 cups (470 ml) of warm water with 2 US tbsp (30 ml) fabric softener. This will be the mixture that you’ll use to soak your doll’s hair. Once you’ve mixed the warm water and fabric softener together, you can either put it in a small bowl that will fit your doll’s head, or you can pour it into a spray bottle.

What is the best way to clean a dolls hair?

Washing Doll Hair

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Add ¼ teaspoon of baby shampoo. Cover the doll’s body with a plastic bag to keep it dry. Turn the doll upside down, swirl it around until her hair is completely wet. Gently work the shampoo into her hair.

How do you freshen doll hair?

For most dolls, fabric softener or baby shampoo are safe to clean your doll’s hair. These products soften the hair and help work out tangles.

You should have enough fabric softener to completely soak the doll’s hair.

  1. To avoid wasting fabric softener, start off by adding a small amount.
  2. Place the doll’s hair in the bowl.

Can you use hairspray on doll hair?

How do you get frizzy doll hair smooth?

Can you use conditioner on doll hair?

You can easily fix your doll’s hair using regular shampoo and conditioner—no fabric softener needed! First, brush your doll’s hair to remove any tangles. Then, wash your doll’s hair with shampoo and warm water. Rinse out all of the shampoo, then apply conditioner.

Can you use baby oil on doll hair?

If the hair is still a bit dull or feels a little dry, baby oil can give it more sheen and softness. Pour a tiny amount of baby oil in your palm. Rub hands together and spread a thin layer of the oil into the doll’s hair. A little goes a long way, so do not use too much.

How do you fix frizzy curly doll hair?

How do you brush doll hair with fabric softener?

To detangle doll hair with fabric softener, you will need to:
  1. Mix a water and fabric softener solution.
  2. Allow the doll’s hair to soak in the solution for several minutes.
  3. Gently brush the doll’s hair.
  4. Rinse any remaining solution from the hair.
  5. Brush once more.
  6. Pat dry.
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How do you fix frizzy doll hair with fabric softener?

How do you fix frizzy doll hair with boiling water?

Heat your water on the stove just to boiling, then immediately remove it from the heat. Dip just your doll’s hair into the water and run a comb through the tangles to straighten it out while it’s in the water. Keep combing the hair until all (or at least most) of the frizz is gone.

How do you comb a doll’s hair?

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